November 2, 2002


Escaping from danger with righteous thoughts

One day I was distributing truth-clarifying materials together with two fellow practitioners. An informant found out and told the police. When a security guard on a motorcycle suddenly arrived, there was no time to get away. At my suggestion, the three of us started to send righteous thoughts. A miracle happened: the motorcycle stopped and turned around. We continued to hand out the materials until we ran out of them.

Policeman: "I am about to be reformed by him."

A police officer was assigned to "reform" a practitioner; that is, force him to abandon his faith in Dafa. After a few long conversations, the officer was deeply moved by the practitioner's cultivation experience. He was also overwhelmed by the enormously profound Fa principles. Once the policeman told a friend, "If he just said 'I will stop,' he would be freed, but he refuses to say that. I am about to be reformed by him."