My eldest son, who is in tenth grade this year, is a young Dafa practitioner. Yesterday when he came home, he told me that he had avoided two major car accidents. His best friend, who lives next door, was in both accidents but he was unharmed.

The first accident happened when a school bus made a right turn and then spun 360 degrees and collided with the car that was following it. The bus was half destroyed, but the children were fine. The second accident happened about thirty minutes later, when another school bus made a left turn carelessly and was hit broadside by a car coming from the opposite direction. This bus was completely wrecked, but again, none of the children were injured. My son was in a bus right behind these two and saw everything.

My son's high school has three Dafa practitioners this year. Last year they formed a "Falun Gong Association." The principal met them and said he thought that Dafa is good and that he would practice when he had time.

My son also joined the soccer team. After school, all the mothers take turns taking the children home; therefore, whenever the children go home in our car, they would hear Dafa music. His good friend also joined the "Falun Gong Association." His friend's parents also support Falun Gong very much and oppose the persecution in China.

Many people might say that these children are very fortunate, but we practitioners know that within that fortune, there is the infinite compassion of Dafa and Master Li. Hearing the truth of Dafa will bring much good fortune, especially as these children have a special predestined relationship with Dafa.