Written on November 13, 2002


I often receive phone calls from salespersons of telecommunication companies, hoping that we will use their companies' service. In the past, I always compared which company's offer is more favorable and transferred my long-distance telephone service between companies. All I thought about was whether it was favorable to me or not.

After I practiced Falun Dafa, I often reminded myself that I should be more considerate to other people. Once Miss Xu from Company A introduced her telecom company to me and hoped that I could transfer to her company. Though the conditions were quite favorable, my contract with the long-distance company that I was using hadn't expired yet at that time. I told her to call back and try again after one month.

More than one month passed. One day I received a call from another saleswoman and hoped that I could change to her company and the condition she offered to me was even better than that offered by Miss Xu. At that time, I also had the thought to transfer to her company, but then I thought that it was not easy to do such a job and maybe Miss Xu was still waiting for me to transfer to her company. Therefore, I told her that I have promised a lady called Miss Xu from Company A to use her company's long-distance service and I thanked her for introducing her company to me. Unexpectedly, the lady on the other side of the phone said suddenly, "Ah, you..., you are indeed a good person,. I... I am that Miss Xu!"

She had changed jobs to work in this company a few days ago. When I heard that she was so excited, I was also moved. I didn't expect that such a little kind thought could touch other people like that. I felt really ashamed that there are too many times in the past when I thought about myself first. For example, when I lend or give something to other people, I always leave enough for myself first and then give what's left to others, which was so natural and seemed to be taken for granted. Master Li teaches us to consider others first, so my first thought should be for other people instead of myself all the time. I found that I really had quite a lot to improve on in this area.