November 14, 2002

( At 1 p.m. October 27, 2002, when the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) in Mexico ended, the leaders and representatives from different countries were leaving for the airport. Along the coastal highway, they saw Falun Gong practitioners holding up banners and sending righteous thoughts. Especially at the main junction, there were nearly a hundred practitioners wearing yellow T-shirts practicing exercises, sending righteous thoughts and holding banners. These practitioners came from over a dozen countries. This had been described as "Scenery at the APEC Summit" by the local newspaper.

All vehicles going through the junction could see Falun Gong practitioners and their banners. In order to go to the airport, all APEC Summit vehicles had to drive by that area, and they could not help but see the Falun Gong demonstration that extended for dozens of meters.

This favorable location for the demonstration was due to the efforts of the practitioners who had arrived in Mexico earlier. Through clarifying the truth to the police, the security personnel, and the associated government officials, Falun Gong was the only group allowed to hold a peaceful appeal during the APEC summit and was permitted to select any location beyond the security area.

Every dedicated APEC vehicle had printed English abbreviations that indicated the country or region that their leaders and their delegations were from. The leaders or representatives from different countries were impressed by the demonstration and were attracted by the peaceful appeals of practitioners. Many of them waved their hands and some even showed us the "V" hand gesture. When the American motorcade passed by, America's President Bush rolled down his car window and waved his hand to the practitioners.

The practitioners in the front row waved their hands all afternoon without stopping. It became dark but the Chinese motorcade still hadn't shown up. The Chinese embassy personnel could be seen having a long talk with the policeman in charge of site security and then they left together. The practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil factors in other dimensions and decided to take turns staying there over the night. Sending forth righteous thoughts and practicing exercises continued non-stop through the night.

The next day, at nearly 6 a.m., most of the practitioners were ready in place. Huge banners were held up and an intense period of sending forth righteous thoughts started.

Vehicles with signs with word "China" on them could be seen passing by frequently to observe the situation. The local police in charge were seen talking to Chinese officials several times and seemed to be under pressure by the Chinese officials. Two days prior to this, when the Chinese motorcade came for the APEC summit, two buses were purposely placed in front of Falun Gong practitioners to block the view of practitioners from the motorcade. Such a shameless action was widely witnessed and reported by the media. The practitioners also appealed to the Mexican police, seeking clarification for their actions. We explained to the police the reason why so many of us practitioners from different countries took time from our jobs and spent our own money to go to Mexico. We came for those innocent people who are imprisoned, tortured or even killed just because they believed in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." We came for hundreds of thousands of people in China and in the world who had been deceived by the lies of Jiang and his gang, and we came for the wonderful future of humanity. The practitioners hoped that the Mexican police would support righteousness against evil and not do something against their conscience that could harm the future of Mexico.

The practitioners' behavior in the past two days had helped the Mexican police know the truth and distinguish kindness from evil. We were happy to see that the Mexican police refused to do any more wrong to betray their conscience.

The Chinese motorcade finally showed up and slowly passed by in front of us, which consisted of two buses carrying the APEC representatives from China and two vans. There were many pairs of wide-open eyes behind the windows, which we hope took deep into the hearts of these precious Chinese people the words "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," and "Stop the persecution of Falun Dafa." These words represent the voices of the Dafa practitioners and the serenity and compassion of the Dafa practitioners.