(Clearwisdom.net) One evening I pushed an envelope full of truth-clarification materials under the door of a house. I was only a few steps away when I heard an angry voice behind me, "What the heck is this?" At that moment I thought to myself, "I am doing the most righteous thing in the world. She does not have the right to talk so harshly to me like that. I am going to clarify the truth to her." So, I turned my bicycle around and said to her, "Just take a look and you will know." Interestingly, she simply responded, "I won't," and was gone. I was perplexed at how rapidly she had changed from being harsh at first to disappearing in no time.

Later, I enlightened to the fact that she had been controlled by the evil elements in other dimensions. When I talked to her, my righteous thoughts scared the evil elements off. I regretted that I had not sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements behind her to free her so that she could realize how important it was to read the materials.

It seems that people who do not cultivate do not hold much power before Dafa practitioners. In assisting Teacher in Fa rectification, we should maintain formidable and strong righteous thoughts at all times, be resolute in eliminating the evil elements in other dimensions that persecute Dafa and practitioners, and be determined in saving sentient beings who deserve to be saved.