(Clearwisdom.net)I would like to discuss with fellow practitioners the ways in which we clarify the truth to various individuals.

1. When we clarify the truth to people, we have to remind ourselves, "Who are we?" -- We are Dafa practitioners. People usually listen to what we say (they think everyone would say the best things about themselves), and they also look at how we present what we say. Our attitude and actions themselves have a greater impact on people than our words. If we display arrogance, become overly emotional, talk with stiffness or even disrespect, then how can this person admire Dafa and accept the offer of salvation?

When the person we clarify the truth to is a family member or a friend, we are most likely to grow emotional, yet the negative result of this unhealthy behavior is difficult to correct later on. Of course, it's fairly easy to find out that our benevolence toward friends and family members is more or less mixed with an attachment to affection or sentimentality. It's more difficult to clarify the true situation to family members than to other people. One reason is that we don't pay attention to our daily behavior. For everyday people, home is a place where they relax their demeanor. Outside the home, we would usually restrict our behavior, while at home people would fully display their demon side.

Most people look outward when encountering problems. They often latch on to others' shortcomings, overlooking their virtues. Even if we normally behave well as practitioners, other people wouldn't notice it. However, when we don't do well, others immediately latch onto it. As practitioners, we must set high standards for ourselves and display calmness, compassion, tolerance, open-mindedness and rationality. We must also pay attention to the cultivation of speech and not casually tell high-level Fa to family members, which would create barriers for them to obtain the Fa.

2. When clarifying the truth to strangers, it's difficult to control the environment and when the opportunity might come. My understanding (as a practitioner who lives in China) is this: when clarifying the truth to more than one person at a time, it's best to speak as a non-practitioner, so they do not grow cautious of us. It's therefore easier to approach them. When with stranger(s) for a relatively long time, it's best not to hurry and clarify the truth right away, but rather show them the wonders of Dafa practitioners through our noble behavior. If their mind has been filled with thoughts against Dafa, after having witnessed how good we are, they become suspicious of the lies and propaganda and it's then easier to clarify the true situation to them.

Grasping the opportunity means finding the appropriate time to begin truth clarification. In fact, it is not difficult to do if we use wisdom. If you immediately start clarifying the truth when meeting people, they might think you are crazy.

3. We must control the extent of the information and clarify the truth without going to far. Some practitioners keep on talking for a long time to clarify the truth, as if they want to let the person know about the truth all at once, not considering the person's feelings and mindset. It's good to cherish that person, but it would have the opposite effect if we don't control it well. The person might even think, "See, Falun Gong practitioners have nothing else to say other than this..." Therefore, I think quality is more important than quantity in truth clarification, even if we only said a little that touches a person. When we finish a part of truth clarification and the person has understood it and does not ask questions, it might be good to switch topics to prevent creating psychological barriers in him/her.

4. Uphold Dafa's dignity during truth clarification. By clarifying the truth to people, we are being benevolent to them and offering them salvation by awakening their conscience and kind thoughts, so these people will have an opportunity to choose their own future. We are not begging them to acknowledge Dafa. We as Dafa practitioners must therefore display open-mindedness and tolerance. As Dafa practitioners, we also must uphold Dafa's reverence. When confronted with provocation and unfriendly questions resulting from degenerate notions, we must point it out in a dignified manner and correct it. When we respond like this, they may be unhappy at the time, but will later realize their lack of virtue as well as Dafa's dignity and sacredness.

5. Use different methods with different people. We must fully consider people's education level, ability to accept new ideas, their job and interests and other possibilities in their perception. When clarifying the true situation to heads of work units, if it's difficult to directly do so, so we can use indirect and various flexible methods, including truth-clarification VCDs and materials. For those who are easier to approach or those we have a personal relationship with, we can directly talk to them.

Truth clarification is no easy matter. It's always easier said than done, and the process of reducing the gap between words and actions is one of the processes of solid cultivation.

The ideas expressed above are my personal understandings. Please benevolently point out anything inappropriate.