Dear Teacher,

Your disciples in prison miss you!

As practitioners of Falun Dafa, we have not only experienced Dafa's purity and grand Forbearance, but we have also witnessed the ugliness of evil, and we have endured all manner of vicious torture. The contrast between Benevolence and wickedness are clear to us, and this knowledge has strengthened our determination in cultivation and Fa-rectification.

At this present time, we will validate Dafa and save sentient beings by clarifying the truth. We will further consummate ourselves by studying the Fa during cultivation, and we will eliminate the evil through sending forth righteous thoughts. Only by doing so can we not fail to live up to our own expectations, not bring disgrace to our missions, and not break our vows.

Dafa is in harmony with everything, and can never be destroyed. Dafa is unshakable like diamond. Dafa is eternal!


Falun Dafa disciples in prison

Written on October 5, 2002