(Clearwisdom.net) Penghu City Detention Center authorities in Sichuan Province illegally detained 42 Dafa practitioners. Around 10:00 PM on July 30, 2002, local police officers from all branches kidnapped Dafa Practitioners into a "610" brainwashing class. The practitioners were forced to view a video that slanders Dafa, listen to a libelous report and read a Dafa-defaming newspaper. Eight Dafa practitioners--Qian Bangyou, Qing Guangrong, Chen Rong, Xu Dequn, Li Yongxian, Dao Xiuzhu, Zhang Yuju, Wang Yiying--had been on hunger strike for more than 60 days. They were force-fed, had their photos taken and had slanderous materials read to them. The police even said that they would not take any responsibility for the deaths of Dafa practitioners.

Later, more than 20 practitioners joined the hunger strike to protest the persecution. Practitioner Ms. Liu Bangxiu from the Zhuwa area was deceived into coming to the police station on the evening of September 11, and sent to the detention center the next day. After one week of being on a hunger strike, she was force-fed three times by two doctors from a Chinese medicine hospital and thugs from "610 Office." [The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] Each time they fed her with condensed salt water mixed with a little corn porridge. On the afternoon of September 21, the unconscionable people added several handfuls of salt to that little bit of corn porridge, force-fed her and put her into the cell afterwards. They then stopped feeding her water. With too much salt in her stomach, Liu Bangxiu felt her body burning and extremely uncomfortable. She lay in bed for two days and nights, then felt extremely cold. When she was sent to the hospital, she was diagnosed as suffering from severe damage to the lining of her stomach and intestines. Now she is in a coma. However, the "610 Office" personnel spread a rumor that she had a "bad cold!"

Two other practitioners suffered the same tribulation. They could not get to sleep for two days after being force-fed with the heavily condensed salt water and corn porridge-mixture. Their bodies were hot and they became emaciated. They could not talk. On top of that, the thugs deprived them of drinking water. When they were sent to a hospital for emergency treatment on September 23, the doctor diagnosed them as suffering from "intestinal adhesions." Their lives were in grave danger, so they were transferred to another hospital. Other practitioners who are still on a hunger strike are suffering. In order to achieve their goals, the thugs scold, beat and brainwash the practitioners under high pressure. Three practitioners who had written the so-called "guarantee" under high pressure recognized the evil's nature and declared that what they wrote was invalid. They too started a hunger strike to protest persecution.

"610 Office" authorities transferred staff from every township for help. The staff members changed once every month. The criminals include: Yang Jianhua, Huang Chengfang (Women Association of Township), Yang Jianxin (From Juntun), Liu Zhangqing, the wife of chief secretary Luo Yiyan, Wang Dong and Luo Ke.

We appeal to all kind people to stop the "610 Office" personnel's kidnapping and persecution of Dafa practitioners.