(Clearwisdom net) It has been more than a hundred days since we started the 24- hour vigil to peacefully appeal in front of the Chinese Embassy in London. The weather has become cold; however, our hearts are warm, touched by the little stories we have encountered.

On one Saturday evening, many stars were scattered all over the sky, and bright moonlight was shining on the ground. The autumn wind, however, chilled the air more than usual. We had just finished sending righteous thoughts when we discovered there was a man--a westerner in his forties or fifties--sitting quietly on the stairs behind us. One practitioner walked up to him and thanked him for sitting with us. We asked him whether he would like to sign our petition . He said that he had already done so; he lived just nearby, and he saw us very frequently. He said : "You've done the 24-hour vigil for more than a hundred days; that's truly remarkable. You've organized it well." The practitioner told him that everyone of us are here voluntarily, and we come here at our own times. However, our goals are the same, that is, to call for an end to the persecution of the Falun Gong practitioners in China. We have no organization, but we help each other out to fill in the gaps. The man replied: "Then that's even more remarkable." He wanted to sit with us a little while longer. Quietly, he sat with us in the cold wind for more than an hour before he left.

On another cold night, a practitioner was meditating when she heard a soft male voice saying " Hello." She wasn't sure whether this was for her, so she continued her meditation. Then she heard another voice saying " Hello." This time, it was a child's voice. She opened her eyes and saw in front of her a car stopping for the traffic light. There were 3-4 children in the car, pressing their faces against the window, waving and smiling at her. The innocent and gentle smiles of the children warmed her heart. The night didn't seem so cold anymore.

One afternoon, a few Falun Dafa practitioners were sending righteous thoughts when a middle-aged lady walked across the road towards them and stayed behind them for a while. Before she left, one practitioner went up and talked with her. This lady said that whenever she passed this particular spot, she'd always feel like standing next to the practitioners for a little while.

One evening, there was a party at the Chinese Embassy. The place was bustling with cars coming and going, and there were more police officers than usual. The practitioners, as usual, studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. Soon, a police sergeant came toward us from the Embassy. He went up to the display boards and asked whether he could take a look at them. He explained that he only wanted to take a look at the boards and did not want cause any anxiety in us. He stood in front of the boards for over half an hour before he requested to sign our petition. He then chatted with the practitioners. The practitioners told him that the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's political gang is the most evil, because not only do they persecute good people who practice Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance, but they also persecute the most wonderful virtues of mankind. The sergeant nodded in agreement. Later, he talked to a young practitioner, who shared his cultivation experiences with him. Afterwards, the sergeant said: "I'd like to try Falun Gong, too".