(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of October 15, 2002, a group of western Falun Gong practitioners studied the Fa and held a discussion at a practitioner's home.

When one of them returned home afterwards, he was shocked by what had happened. The talk he had at the other practitioner's home had been recorded and broadcast back into his answering machine.

Half a year ago, disturbed by continuous harassment of Falun Gong practitioners on American soil by local ruffians hired by Jiang's regime and to safeguard their lawful rights protected by the American constitution, a few dozen American Falun Gong practitioners filed a lawsuit in Washington D.C.'s Federal Court against the crimes committed by Jiang's regime. This personal experience, however, made the westerner realize that as an American and on American soil, he is no longer safe in his own home.

The next day, the two direct victims in the incident immediately reported the case to local police and FBI.

Here, they'd like to remind Falun Gong practitioners and supporters that, in case one comes across similar incidents, make sure to pay attention to the following points:

1. Keep as much evidence as possible.

2. Report the incident to the local police and FBI promptly.

3. Mention to the police that the harassment is "related to your practicing Falun Gong" and "hate crimes", and ask them to take notice.

4. Ask for a copy of your report from the police and the case number of the incident.

5. Contact your congressperson regarding the issue and keep them informed of the incident.

6. Keep all materials for later reference.