Practitioner Su Baolan in Anqiu City, Weifang District, Shandong Province was forcibly sent to the brainwashing class by her husband in mid- October, 2001. Later that month, her body was discovered in a river. The local police, the "610 Office", and her husband all remained silent, unwilling to discuss the cause of her death.

After July 20, 1999 when Jiang's regime began to persecute Falun Gong, Su, as well as thousands of Falun Gong practitioners, went to Beijing in October to appeal to the authorities, as is their legal right. She was brought back by the local police. Because she insisted in practicing while in the detention center, the police hit her neck, ears, and hands with electrical batons and then put her in jail. Because she persisted in practicing, she was violently beaten up by the police. The noise of her beating was heard over the entire jail, but Su did not make a sound. Following her lead, all practitioners in the jail joined with her in protest against the persecution and insisted on practicing.

After two months of illegal detention, the evil authorities intended to send her to a forced-labor camp in the Fall of 2000. However, Su went on a hunger strike to protest, and with her righteous thoughts, succeeded in escaping. She was later illegally detained several times by the local police and was beaten heavily by her husband at home. But she always treated sentient beings with benevolence and compassion. In the spring of 2001, someone reported to the police that Su had met with practitioners in sharing experiences and she was forced to stay away from her home. She went back home in mid-October to tell her family members about the true facts of Dafa, but was forcibly sent to the brainwashing class by her husband.

Su's body was discovered in a river by local residents in late October 2001. The police investigated but remained silent as to the cause of her death. The "610 Office" and her husband remained silent as well. People who commit evil deeds will have bad returns and will be punished by God.

Now Su's father and one of her younger sisters were sentenced to a forced-labor camp, while her mother and her youngest sister were forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. The only person left at home was her non-practicing younger brother. It is truly tragic that a good family was persecuted by Jiang's regime to such a disastrous state.