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I. The Detention Center

  1. A policeman forcibly stripped off the outer clothing of a 31-year-old female practitioner, handcuffed her to an iron chair, beat her, and tortured her with an electric baton for the entire night.

2. In the open air in winter, Falun Dafa practitioners are often stripped and drenched with cold water. Practitioners are also forced to run barefoot with thin clothing outdoors in the winter. In another wintertime torture, practitioners are tied with rope to a chair placed next to a cold air vent, and icy water is splashed over them from the neck down.

  1. Practitioners are hung from trees and beaten. Some are handcuffed in iron cages. Some are tied spread-eagled to iron doors, with their feet barely touching the ground.
  2. Some practitioners have been force-fed while handcuffed to a bed with over a dozen handcuffs and the rest of their body bound with rope as well.

II. The Dispatching Center

  1. In the summer, the policemen on the female team stripped the clothing from newly abducted practitioners in the open air. They nearly tore practitioners' clothes to pieces before beginning body searches. Then they forced the practitioners to stay in the scorching sun for long periods of time. If a practitioner moved at all, the policemen would instruct common prisoners to beat them up. Some elderly practitioners in their 60s and 70s fainted in the sun. The skin on the knees of several practitioners began to fester due to abrasion and sweat, resulting in gaping wounds about 6 inches in diameter that have not fully healed even as of this time.
  2. In the early morning in winter, newly abducted practitioners were forcibly stripped for a body search. Then they were ordered to lower their heads or put their hands on their heads, or recite "the regulations of the center." They were not allowed to go inside until nine or ten o'clock in the evening. In addition, the police force practitioners to work at hard labor from 5:00 a.m. until after midnight, sometimes even until two or three o'clock in the morning. The work load is often arbitrarily increased. Practitioners are not allowed to use the bathroom, forcing them to have to urinate and defecate inside the workshop. This of course causes the working environment to be extremely filthy and smelly. Practitioners are not allowed to wash their underwear.
  3. Practitioners who refuse to write the "statement of guarantee" [to give up practicing Falun Gong] are brutally beaten immediately or tortured with electric batons. Several policemen physically forced a female practitioner to press her fingerprint to a so-called "statement of guarantee," injuring her hand.

III. The Forced Labor Camp

  1. Practitioners are tortured with sleep deprivation, hunger, or else they are forbidden from washing or going to the bathroom. Practitioners are only granted permission to go to the bathroom if they slander Falun Dafa or write the so-called "three statements" [renouncing Falun Dafa]. Withholding bathroom privileges under these circumstances has caused practitioners to develop bladder and kidney problems.
  2. The forced labor camp administers bodily punishment, including standing or squatting for extended periods of time, and "riding an plane" [in this torture, the head is bent down until it cannot go down any further, while the hands are pulled up and held up to the highest point. The hips have to point up. One is forced to keep this position unchanged for a long time]. Other physical punishments include marching in formation, running, or copying books defiling Dafa for a long time.
  3. Personal attacks on practitioners include being sworn at, forcing practitioners to read books slandering Dafa, beatings, torture with electric batons and sexual assault.

The policewomen beat practitioners in separate rooms, and their screams can be frequently heard. In order to cover their crimes, the police sometimes order the common prisoners to beat practitioners' private parts, and then not allowing them to see a doctor when they are injured. The police specifically kick the calves of practitioners' legs, causing broken blood vessels and severe bruising. When the blood flows down, the feet become swollen and black. The police also beat practitioners' chests to cause internal injuries. Practitioners beaten this way become black and blue both on the chest and in the back, and have problems breathing. Policewoman Huo Xiuyun instructed prisoners to stuff a practitioner's mouth with a rag and cover her head with a quilt, then kick and beat the lower part of her body. They hit her private parts with a flyswatter violently and created a large wound, causing swelling and making it difficult for the practitioner to urinate. Some policewomen even instructed prisoners to sexually assault unmarried female practitioners.

List of policewomen involved in the torture at the Xin'an Female Forced Labor Camp:

Li Jirong, Head of the No. 4 Team
Li Ziping
Guo Lina
Xu Yanlin
Jiao Xuexian, Vice Director of the No. 3 Team
Huai Chunhong, Vice Director of the No. 3 Team
Yang Jie
Du Jinbin

Dispatching Center:

Sha Xuemei, female, Director of the Female Team

Drill Team:

Li Xiuying, policewoman