Yongchuan Women's Prison of Sichuan Province continuously persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners who persist in their belief of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." I have personally witnessed the following cases of persecution.

Practitioner Yin Suqing, 62 years old, was restricted from using the restroom, monitored around the clock, and kept from doing any physical activities.

Yang Xiaoli, 39 years old, was from Wulong District, Chongqing City, and a teacher at the Southwest Normal University. Yang was forced to clean the restroom, squat for long periods of time, denied sleep for two days and two nights, punched and kicked by a group of thugs, threatened and cursed at, and kept in solitary confinement. Policemen tied her two thumbs onto an iron bed for over two hours. Her shoulders were beaten black and blue, her entire body was swollen, and she suffered pain in her legs and feet.

Xiong Yuzhen is 49 years old. When appealing in Beijing for Falun Dafa she was beaten so badly that her lungs suffered serious injury. Later, Xiong was kidnapped and taken to a labor camp, where she was sentenced and detained in the Yongchuan Prison. Because she firmly believes in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," her daughter was restricted from going to school, and her paralyzed husband now has no caretaker.

Zhou Xuxia, from Nan'an District, Chongqing City, was detained for over 20 days. While in detention she was verbally abused and not allowed to clean her body.

Zhou Qunying, 27 years old, from Hechuan County, Chongqing City, was taken to the Yongchuan Women's Prison on December 28, 2001. After writing an appeal letter against her illegal detention on March 1, there was no response. She is watched 24 hours a day. Policemen do not allow her to converse with anyone and restrict her movement. The police guards threatened her with various methods such as handcuffing and electric shocks. When she refused to write a "disclosing and criticizing" statement against Dafa, she was forced to clean the bathroom, squat for long periods of time, and deprived of sleep for many days and nights. Also, criminals were instigated to beat her, verbally abuse her, and stuff dirty socks in her mouth. Police also instigated criminals to harass and intimidate her.

She was not allowed to use the restroom and the abuse by criminals was constant. When she was sleeping, criminals would come up to her, take off the quilt, and then punch her to wake her up. Police randomly made up excuses to lock her in a cell. During break times, the police would issue roll call every 15 minutes so that she could not have any rest.

During June and July, she would not be allowed to shower for over 20 days. This practitioner was rock-solid in her faith in Dafa. Police guards clamored: "It does not matter if you want to give up your belief or not, you must be transformed." Immediately after that, they started a new round of persecution. They did not allow her to sleep, use the restroom, or to eat, and they forced her to remain standing day and night. After a few days, her feet were so swollen that she could barely stand. Because she was not allowed to use the restroom, she could only urinate all over her pants. They brutally beat, abused, threatened, and tortured her. When she was too tired, she took a nap. Police would spray cold water on her face, stuff used q-tips into her mouth, use sticks to poke her, and verbally abuse her. After ten days and ten nights, she was tortured to such an extent that she could not see straight. Her two feet were so swollen that they felt as if they would explode. After 3 nights of rest, the police once again tried to force her to write down the prison regulations. She was not allowed to move or use the restroom. A group of criminals physically punished her by choking her and applying pressure to her collarbones.

While in solitary confinement, some practitioners would lose consciousness under the harsh conditions. After regaining consciousness, they would be placed right back into solitary confinement.

One practitioner is now disabled due to being tortured to such an extent.

The evil is still running rampant and controlling people to persecute Dafa practitioners. Please use your righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil factors behind this persecution.