(Clearwisom.net) I was very surprised to find out that many practitioners do not plan to go to Chicago and Texas in order to send forth righteous thoughts from up close to eliminate the evil. I think we will truly regret it should we miss such a rare and wonderful opportunity. There is a similar situation in other areas as well. When we analyze the cause, is this a problem with our practitioners? Not completely, because the external element of the old force's interference is very obvious, but the fact that our righteous thoughts are not strong enough is the root cause. Master had just published an instructive article regarding sending forth righteous thoughts, and I think we should quickly strengthen our righteous thoughts. Like gigantic Fa-rectification gods, we should fully utilize the power of every practitioner's righteous thoughts at this historic time to eliminate a great amount of evil elements in other dimensions.

Let us look back at what happened in Germany and Iceland, and connect it to what is about to take place. It is easy to see that:

1. In Germany, we had a great opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts from up close to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions that manipulate the evil dictator. Yet, we did not grasp the opportunity, and we regretted it after our return. After summarizing and exchanging our experiences, we realized the problem. We then went to Iceland. However, the old forces coerced a democratic country to reject our entry, which resulted in very few practitioners being able to send forth righteous thoughts from up close. We can see that the old forces are afraid of the power of large numbers of practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts from up close. Then how about this U.S. trip?

The United States authorities will not reject the entry of any practitioners; therefore, in order to achieve their purpose, the old forces interfered and suppressed many of our practitioners' minds, and made many practitioners think that it is not that important, or that others will take care of what they are supposed to do. With righteous thoughts that are not firm enough, we developed barriers and excuses within our hearts and became somewhat indifferent to this issue.

We shall not let the old forces win again this time.

2. Chicago is the dictator's first stop. Compared to Texas, the evil has arranged a much weaker field and media propaganda, so some practitioners thought it doesn't matter whether or not we go to Chicago. Are the old forces playing the "balance" game again? Within one or two days after the dictator's trip to Chicago was confirmed, the price of a roundtrip plane ticket from Chicago to Houston doubled. There is only one purpose to this obvious obstruction: that the old forces want us to overlook their weakness. Chicago is unlike Texas. Texas is a huge area with a sparse population. Chicago is heavily populated with many huge buildings, allowing us to send forth righteous thoughts at very close proximity. As I understand, at this critical point of Fa-rectification, the demons that the evil forces can maneuver are not nearly enough. In order to protect the evil dictator in the U.S, this time all the demons must come. This is a great opportunity to eliminate all of the evil elements at once, and I ask that all overseas Dafa practitioners seriously think about this issue.