October 12, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) The World Daily reported that Jiang will start his visit to the United States on October 22nd, and the first stop will be Chicago. He will be meeting with the Governor of Illinois George Ryan and the Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley. Meetings with some large local business enterprises such as Motorola, Boeing, and United Airlines are also being arranged.

The report said that a Chicago committee of diplomatic relations is to hold the welcoming ceremony for Jiang in O'Hare Airport at 10:00 a.m. on October 22nd. The farewell ceremony will be held in the airport at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the 23rd.

The report said that during Jiang's visit in Chicago, the most important event will be an evening banquet held on the 22nd. This banquet is to be co-hosted by Governor Ryan and Mayor Daley. Jiang will make a speech at the banquet.

After a brief visit in Chicago on October 22nd, Jiang plans to fly to Houston early on the 23rd. He will be meeting with President Bush on the 25th. During the meeting, they will probably discuss different subjects including Taiwan and military exchange.

As far as we know, at present, under the instruction of Jiang, the Chinese consulate in Houston is actively creating a false scene of overseas Chinese warmly welcoming Jiang's visit in Texas. Using money and material interest as the enticement, they are mobilizing Chinese students from universities, overseas Chinese associations, and even some senior citizens to join the welcoming parade. They asked the Chinese student association to notify all Chinese students that for those students who cannot make the parade because of classes, they can submit their names and their professors' names to a list so that the Chinese consulate committee will go to the school's administration office to ask for leave for them. Meanwhile, they also promise to provide future funding for student activities and give the students financial aid as enticement. In the park, they tell senior citizens: "As long as your participate in the activity, we will cover all expenses. We will provide transportation, free lunch and dinner for you and even for your friends, family and neighbors so long as they are willing to go. The more, the better..." While they entice people to participate, they are slandering and attacking Falun Dafa to deceive those innocent people. Right here in the United States, they are blatantly spreading massive amounts of slanderous propaganda about Falun Gong among the local government and police.

More and more practitioners realize clearly that all these are tricks that the evil uses to saturate the environment in an attempt to sustain the evil dictator. These are also the evil's final struggle upon seeing its inevitable doom. Dafa practitioners deeply feel the great responsibility of saving sentient beings and realize that during this crucial moment, we need to fulfill three requirements: study the Fa well, clarify the truth, and send forth righteous thoughts. During this process, we recognize more and more the importance of studying the Fa, the seriousness of cultivation, and the importance of every particle participating and improving as a whole. In addition, we suggest that from now on practitioners all over the world intensify the sending forth of righteous thoughts. With our purest mind and strongest righteous thoughts, we can completely eliminate the evil elements in all the dimensions where it remains, as well as locations the evil dictator will visit in the United States. We need to cut off the energy supply provided by the old forces as soon as we can, and create a peaceful environment to save the countless precious lives that are being endangered by the lies and propaganda.