In Dalian Forced Labor Camp, practitioners are constantly forced to do heavy labor. The camp limits the time that practitioners can use the restroom, wash their faces, brush their teeth etc. Determined practitioners are locked away separately without any communication with the outside and are deprived of the right of regular visits by their families.

A female practitioner was locked in an isolated cell for doing Falun Gong exercises. As a punishment, her term was extended by five days, her hands were cuffed and she was forced to stand for days without sleeping. She went on a hunger strike to protest the maltreatment. The camp force-fed her in a brutal way to torture her. She could not lie down and had to sleep in a sitting position. The police put a hood over her head and tied it so tightly that it caused her to have difficulty breathing, gave her a bloody nose, a headache, and caused her to sweat profusely. Finally she was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment.

Another two practitioners were sent into the isolation cells and tortured. They were hung up with both arms and legs stretched out for five hours. The guards sexually assaulted them by stabbing sticks into their vaginas, putting wet paper on their faces to suffocate them, stabbing their feet with scissors, and tying dirty rags on their faces.

To cover up their evil deeds, if a practitioner's clothing was stained with blood from the torture, the guards ordered the prisoners to wash it away. Some practitioners protested the brutal persecution and were hung up for four days and five nights. They went on a hunger strike for more than twenty days. The guards force-fed them by inserting tubes through their noses into their stomachs and keeping the tubes in their bodies for two days. The guards used hard objects to hit their palms, poured boiling water on their feet, and cuffed them by their hands and feet to very narrow beds made out of boards. The boards were especially designed so that there is no support for their heads and buttocks. The practitioners were locked to the beds for more than thirty hours and not allowed to use the restroom. The torture caused the practitioners to have bloody urine.

The practitioners being tortured are of all ages. A female practitioner who was more than fifty years old was handcuffed to iron bars and deprived of sleep. When she clarified the truth of Dafa to the guards, the guards brutally put hot pepper powder into her vagina and nose, and stuffed dirty socks in her mouth.

We call for all practitioners around the world to send forth righteous thoughts more frequently and clarify the truth more thoroughly.