September 23, 2002

( In 2001, under orders to intensify the persecution by Jiang's regime, and to achieve a higher so-called "transformation rate," Judong Female Forced Labor Camp authorities started to carry out an inhuman persecution of over four hundred Falun Gong practitioners in the No. 3 & 4 subdivisions. In order to force Falun Gong practitioners to write "Guarantee Letters" (statements renouncing Falun Gong), director Xu Xinzhen and captain Zhou Ruihua of the 4th subdivision applied electric shocks, and also imposed a "standing-and-no-sleeping" torture on practitioners. They also chose tall and strong criminal inmates to "cluster" (stay in the same room) with the practitioners. Guards Zhou Ruihua, Hong Ying, Huo Yan and others openly used brutal force, throwing practitioners around, slapping their faces, punching and kicking them, pulling their hair and also applying many other torture methods.

Miao Qi is a director of the female sub-unit. At the beginning of the year 2001, she personally used electric batons to shock Falun Gong practitioners. Chief Zhao Yulan and captain Zheng Qihui of the No. 3 subdivision issued an order at the beginning of April 2001 that every practitioner must write a "Guarantee" to not practice the exercises or to spread the Fa. The guards of each team constantly abused and tortured practitioners. Guard Jiang Dongmei in the fifth team tortured practitioners by forcing them to stand or squat both day and night; she didn't allow them to sleep, sit or talk. She forced two practitioners to stand back to back on a single ceramic brick, and did not allow them to go to the toilet or to put on more clothes when it got cold. Some practitioners stood for eight days and nights; sometimes even eleven days and nights. A practitioner named Qin Yanqiu was forced to squat and stand for eighteen days and nights. They stopped torturing her only when she suffered from incontinence, looked extremely pale and weak, and her life was in danger. A document circulated amongst the guards in the forced labor camp clearly stated, "mobilize the negative factors among labor camp prisoners" to deal with Falun Gong. Guard Jiang Dongmei secretly instigated the prisoner head Xie Lifang and lured her with a term reduction. From May 3rd to 6th, prisoner head of No.5 Team Xie Lifang (a 28 year old prostitute) and Sheng Chunlan tricked practitioners in the team one by one, and dragged them into a confinement room. They stripped off their clothes, held them on the ground, and with one person sitting on the upper body and another person sitting on the lower body, they physically humiliated the practitioners by viciously pinching their nipples, piercing their nipples with needles, using a square stool to pound on their abdomens, kicking their lower bodies, hitting their private parts with knees, pulling their pubic hair, and stuffing paper into their vaginas. Xie Lifang and some other prisoners (also prostitutes) pinched the practitioners' acupuncture points in the lower abdominal area and the inner side of the thigh. Practitioner Du Xiuju (forty-two years old, never married, a teacher at The Technical School in Lianyun Harbor) suffered from vaginal bleeding for over one month after being tortured. The practitioner who suffered the most was Huang Hongping (35 years old, 1989 graduate from Hehai University, Chemistry major.) Xie Lifang and other vicious people kicked her head and face, pulled her hair, slammed her head against the wall, and used all of the base methods described above, causing her to lose control of her bladder and bowels. The ruffians even cursed her while beating, "We will beat you to death just like we would beat a dog to death; the authorities will not investigate our actions." Huang Hongping's abdominal area, the inner side of the thigh and her entire lower body turned blue and purple. It was horrible to look at. Even after lying in bed for more than one month, she couldn't walk normally; she had to rely on two persons to hold her while walking.

After practitioner Yu Shuxia was forced to write a letter guaranteeing that she would not practice the exercises, six prisoners who were prostitutes beat her one after another for three days. Her eye sockets were beaten to a black color, her face and whole body were swollen, and bruises covered her entire body. These prostitutes took advantage of the police's support, pinched the tendons of her thigh, and pulled her pubic hair. She called for help many times, but no one came to intervene; she nearly lost her life. In order to hide this from other people, the forced labor camp authorities locked her in a storage room for over twenty days until the swelling had eased up.

On March 16, 2002, practitioner Song Weijuan was handcuffed behind the back and pinned down to the ground by seven to eight male and female guards led by Zhao Yulan and Zheng Qihui. They shocked her with electric batons while interrogating her. They shocked her mouth if she didn't talk. In order to prevent her from screaming due to the pain, the guards used dirty clothes to stuff her mouth.

Fifty-nine year old practitioner Liu Xiuer was tortured by being forced to stand still and not sleep, which continued on and off for more than twenty days and nights. This happened simply because she refused to copy a notice from the Public Security Bureau. Because she refused to wear the uniform of the forced labor camp, the police took off all her clothes and forced her to stand in the yard naked to humiliate her. Later on, the police even forcefully put a paper into the crotch of her pants with words slandering Dafa written on it. For refusing to copy the notice from the Public Security Bureau, almost all the practitioners were forced to stand still and not sleep. Over a dozen practitioners in No. 11 Team were forced to stand for eight days and nights. Their feet and legs became red and swollen and they were mentally exhausted. It was right in middle of summer at that time, and everyone's body was covered with mosquitoes. Sixty-two year old Wu Qunying suddenly fainted, and her temple area hit the ground. On the second day, her eye sockets turned blue and her eyes turned red; the police became afraid. Finally they ceased this inhuman torture on the eleventh night.

Practitioner Kong Qingmei was forced to repeatedly copy a notice from the Public Security Bureau by guard Zhang Yan. She did not comply with her, so under the instigation of the guards, vicious Ding Lilin, imprisoned for prostitution, injured her hip and legs. Kong Qingmei had to rely on other people's support to walk.

Practitioner Chen Yujie was fifty-four years old. Guards Zhao Yulan and Zhou Ying directly tortured her. They forced her to write a guarantee to not practice the exercises. They often locked her in a confinement room for no reason, forcing her to stand still and not sleep. Her legs and feet became so swollen that she was unable to put on her shoes as the result of the torture. Her physical condition deteriorated quickly; she vomited whenever she ate food. Guards Zhao Yulan and Zhou Ying took advantage of the opportunity to feed her with liquid medicine and torture her with all kinds of other methods. They let 4 forced-labor camp prisoners forcefully pour the medicine into her nose, eyes, ears and mouth, which caused her ears to get infected and loss of hearing. She became very skinny and her weight dropped to 98 pounds from 160 pounds. She became paralyzed and couldn't take care of herself.

Guard Xiao Jiantao, called "The #1 Killer," kicked practitioner Wang Lanfeng so hard that the bone and flesh on her calf separated. She had been locked up in the confinement room more than ten times and was tortured by being forced to stand and not sleep. Even when the guards were shocking her with four electric batons, her thoughts were very righteous and steadfast and she remained still and unshakable, like a Diamond Buddha. The guards were defeated and said the voltages were not high enough to operate, so they sent her back to the cell.

In 2002, Judong female camp became more vicious in brainwashing the Falun Gong practitioners. They forcefully used four to five people to attack and brainwash one practitioner. They started from five o'clock in the morning and stopped only at 3 o'clock the following morning. They tried to brainwash practitioners one after another and did not allow them to sleep. They also verbally abused the practitioners. The brainwashing lasted for at least forty to fifty days and sometimes took place for more than eighty to ninety days.

The few cases documented above are only the tip of the iceberg of the evil conduct of Judong Female Forced Labor Camp authorities under the direction of Jiang's regime.