In April 1994, I returned to Beijing from the second Dafa class held in Hefei City. I stayed in bed for one day and one night because I was truly exhausted. The next class would be held in Changchun City, Master's hometown. To visit Master's hometown was a wish I'd had for a long time. When the train arrived in Changchun, practitioners there held up signs and took turns welcoming practitioners from other cities. We were booked into a hotel relatively far from the city center because it was cheaper. We were all excited and attentively took in the view through the bus windows. Suddenly, a local practitioner who came to pick us up pointed at a building and said, "Look, that's Master's home!" We looked where she pointed and saw an ordinary brick building without any mosaic decoration. It was about four or five stories high. I thought: Master lives at such a place, although he has great abilities. That is indeed rare. We felt great admiration and respect for Master and stared at the building in silence.

The class was held at Mingfanggong [an auditorium], Jilin University. Because many practitioners came from other cities, Master held two classes - one from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.; the other one from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. I bought a ticket for the morning class but couldn't get a ticket for the evening class. After the class, I was saddened as I went back to the hotel. The next day, I stayed on the lawn outside the auditorium and waited until the evening class began, hoping to get a returned ticket. Suddenly, a practitioner next to me said, "Who wants a ticket?" I immediately took the ticket and gave her the money, and I walked into the auditorium in a great mood. Just as I was going to sit down, a familiar veteran practitioner ran up to me and shouted, "I was looking for you." I thought, "This is it. I won't be able to keep the ticket." Just as I had expected, she told me that a practitioner from Qinghai Province went to the class for the first time and could not understand Mandarin well. She wanted to listen to the lectures again and as I was a veteran practitioner, I might like to give the ticket to her. I reluctantly gave her my ticket and walked out of the auditorium. The place was filled and the class had begun, yet, practitioners without tickets like me were still standing outside. At that time, the Mingfanggong held a dance party in the basement. Anyone could enter the lecture hall through a side door if s/he bought a ticket for the dance party, but no one did that. A young man from Tianjin City said, "If we do such trickery, we will not be able to get anything even if we get in." Later I heard that the ticket checker at the door was so moved by practitioners' perseverance that he let them all in.

During that class, Master walked to the lecture site every day. Some practitioners invited Master to ride in their cars, but Master refused politely.

A team of Falun During Morning Exercise

The hotel we stayed at was far from Jilin University. Back then the bus ticket was still cheap--less than one Yuan. Some practitioners would leave the hotel for the class very early in the morning. One time, I asked a practitioner why he didn't take the bus since the distance was rather far. He said he wanted to save money for another class. I was very moved. This was the last class Master held in Changchun City. At the end of the class, Master said something to the people in his hometown with great sincerity and kindness, and everyone was moved to tears. It was less than half an hour before our bus would take off and yet everyone was still listening to Master and was unwilling to leave.

I heard that Master would hold a class in Chengdu City on May 29, following a class in Chongqing City. I knew there was no practice site in Chengdu City because no class was held there before. I saw Master working very hard during the trip. While teaching in Tianjin City, Master lived in a hotel that cost only 20-some Yuan a day and it did not provide a shower. We went home and slept after the class, and yet Master was adjusting our bodies 24 hours a day. Even so, some people still went to the place where Master was staying and kowtowed in front of him, begging him to treat illnesses for their family members, and they wouldn't listen to what Master told them. Veteran practitioners felt bad and they never bothered Master, hoping Master would get a bit more rest. At that time, my husband was working in Chengdu City, and I thought I might make use of this convenient circumstance to see if there was anything I could do to help, so I went to Chengdu.

That day, Master got off the train and there were also many practitioners who came with him from Chongqing City. It was late May and the weather was hot. People who were assisting Master for the class carried large bundles of books -- Falun Gong (edited version), and were dripping with sweat. The Qigong Association sent a taxi and Master asked his assistants with the books to take it. My husband tried to drive his car to the train station exit so Master didn't have to walk a long distance. Right after the car left the parking lot, all of a sudden many cars coming from nowhere jammed at the intersection right in front of the train station. Fortunately my husband drove an imported car. It could start a bit faster, with an automatic transmission. He tried everything he could and eventually got out of the traffic jam. He felt so anxious that he even had a few blisters in his mouth. Because of the traffic jam, Master stood and waited in front of the train station for more than 40 minutes, for which I felt very bad for many days. Later, Master said it was interference and that he had encountered numerous such interferences before.

The class in Chengdu City was held in a hotel hall. Master never advertised for his classes. Moreover, there were many qigong classes around and people didn't take much notice at the beginning. On the first day of the class the hall was not full, but the number of people increased dramatically after the class began. At the end of the class, more than 800 people were attending. Every day, my husband would drive Master to the hotel after class. I was very happy that we could help Master in a small way.

When Master was touring to lecture the Fa, he had to arrange his own itinerary, as well as food and lodging. It was indeed toilsome.

In Chengdu City, I went to many places with Master. On the first day we went to Wenshuyuan Temple, a monastery. Our car was in the front [of several other cars heading to Wenshuyuan]. There was also a businessman from Hong Kong in the car. He waited in Chengdu City when he first heard a class would be held there. As he had difficulty understanding Mandarin while listening to the lectures, Master explained things to him throughout the trip. After we got out of the car, we saw four Buddha's warrior attendants. Master turned around and said to me, "They were all there while I was lecturing." I said, "Why do they look so ugly?" Master said, "They have mighty powers." During that time, temples were chaotic and filled with foxes and other evil beings. Master cleaned them all out wherever he went, and all he needed to do that was a wave of his hand.

Magnificent Dafa in Leshan Mountain, Sichun Province, (1998)

Several days later, Master went to Qingcheng Mountain. The head assistants from the cities of Dalian, Guizhou, and Wuhan and several other practitioners went with him. During that trip, I suddenly understood an ancient saying, "It doesn't matter if the hill is not high; it is great if there are gods residing there." With a health condition like mine, I surprised myself by walking up the mountain and back down. When I returned home, my husband's colleague was greatly surprised to hear what I did. After the class in Chengdu, we went to Leshan Mountain and Emei Mountain with Master. In the Hall of Arhats in Leshan Mountain, a fellow practitioner ran up to Master and said so-and-so Bodhisattva (I can't remember the name now) was embarrassed when she saw Master, and she greeted Master. Master said, "When we leave, they will walk with us for quite a long distance." I was shocked to hear all this because all I could see were statues made of mud. After we got out of the hall, a monk behind us said, "This group of people is amazing." He obviously saw something in other dimensions. Emei Mountain was indeed different from other places. At Jinding (Golden Summit) [the highest peak of Emei Mountain], I had my first real experience with my celestial eye. I went with Master on a tour and saw so many supernormal things. I found that my mind was reeling a bit. I asked Master, "How come the legends are real after all?" Master replied, "The legends didn't come about out of nothing."