(Clearwisdom.net) Although saving sentient beings is such a critical and urgent task, we have all been, to some degree, burdened and polluted by the dust within the three realms. As a result, we are unable to sense the importance of this task, and are unable to realize its awesome magnitude. With our human eyes and ears we've all seen and heard Teacher's message, "Hurry up and tell them:" "Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them." To some degree on the surface we're all aware of the urgency of saving sentient beings, yet how well do we sense how truly urgent this is?

We've repeatedly told ourselves that we need to save sentient beings. However, even after we truly sense the urgency, do we truly apply 100% of that attitude to save people from the verge of life and death? Perhaps we had expended quite a lot of effort to save people, clarifying the truth to many, but in the end, have we honestly fulfilled our duties?

We can all see the urgency expressed in Teacher's Fa lectures, but very few truly sense the factors behind the urgency and the imminently approaching event. Unable to see what will happen in the future, we haven't sensed the pressing need when we clarify the truth and save people. On the contrary, we drag on with negligence. Or, we might reflect a sense of urgency only through lip service, even becoming hasty and argumentative when people do not accept our clarification. In fact, all these frivolous, trivial and irresponsible behaviors are caused by the fact that we were deceived by false appearances, by the superficial appearance that we observe with our own flesh eyes. We are all aware that Teacher has told us what will happen next, yet our eyes cannot see the future, only be deceived by superficial appearances. Therefore, our deeply rooted human ways prevent us from easily believing the truth. We are easily disrupted by false appearances in the maze, ultimately resulting in our lack of awareness of the true urgency.

A person I knew well suddenly passed away today. He died quite unexpectedly. Many of his acquaintances were shocked by his death. Some even refused to accept it.

This incident forced me to realize how critical and urgent it is for us to save sentient beings. Outside appearances have insulated our hearts from what's really true. People do not care about those whom they do not know. Their attitude is aloof and detached. Only when an event occurs before them shakes their worlds and touches them, do they start to wail and whine, feeling the pain. As practitioners we must not wait until this moment to sense the urgency. What we are trying to save is not merely the person we see on the surface.

In his past lectures, Teacher has repeatedly emphasized the importance for Dafa practitioners saving sentient beings. Only now do I truly understand the essence of Teacher's words. My fellow practitioners, it is a rare and precious opportunity for us to be able to enlighten in the maze. Let us truly seize this opportunity to save sentient beings.

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