Recently, Jiang Zemin gave a speech before his visit abroad, attempting to escalate the persecution of Falun Gong. Some insiders in the Ministry of Public Security were reluctant to follow Jiang Zemin in conducting crimes. They revealed that the Party Secretary of Hainan Province Bai Keming got the gist of the speech and followed the examples of the Police Department in Henan Province, which was praised for staging the "Self-Immolation Event," and other officials who used fabricated stories to slander Falun Gong. In order to get the same praise and reward, Bai Keming instructed the police department, the TV station, radio station, and newspapers in the province to frame Falun Gong with a murder case taking place on December 11, 2001 in Yutang Village, Chengmai County, Hainan Province. The murderer was a psychopath called Qiu Defeng.

On December 11, 2001, when the murder took place, the head of the police department immediately reported it to Bai Keming and said it was a great opportunity to frame Falun Gong: "In other provinces, many murder cases are reported to have been committed by Falun Gong practitioners." Bai grasped the opportunity and had a meeting with the related officials to coordinate a plan. The police placed Falun Gong books at Qiu Defeng's home and took pictures. They arranged for a journalist to interview the head of a division in the police department, letting him narrate the whole story and described the case as a murder committed by a Falun Gong practitioner.

On December 12, without police interrogation, the officials in Hainan Province eagerly had the case reported as a murder by a Falun Gong practitioner. On December 13, the related offices sent out notices across the province in accordance with Bai Keming's directive, asking officials on various levels to intensify the campaign against Falun Gong with the fabricated examples. The media and propaganda machine responded to Bai's directions and operated with full power to deceive the public, bringing severe harm to people.

According to the policemen investigating the case, Qiu Defeng, the murderer, was not a Falun Gong practitioner. Qiu's wife, his other family members, neighbors, and the villagers have been telling the police, the journalists, the passers-by, and their relatives that Qiu was a maniac wandering around in the village. He has never been to other places to work, nor has he ever practiced Falun Gong. In the town where his village was located, the many Falun Gong practitioners there have never seen him practice nor has he ever joined their group discussions. The police fabricated the facts that they found Falun Gong books in his home and that his wife burnt the books. The villagers only saw on December 11 that this psychopath killed people. On December 12, the police asked them to say that Falun Gong did it. The villagers saw the police seal the crime site on December 12. Later they carried some stuff (the Falun Gong books) and put them in Qiu's home for photographing.

It is hard to make people silent. Soon the truth of how the police framed Falun Gong with this murder case spread in Hainan Province. People are talking about it on the streets, in the villages, and in their working places.

In order to block the truth, Bai Keming and the police department sent policemen to Yutang Village and put the people under surveillance and forbade Qiu's family, neighbors, and the villagers to talk to outsiders. They threatened the people, "The police department is just following Secretary Bai's directions. Any of you who do not obey and talk to people at will are actually opposing the central government. And you will be arrested and sentenced as a Falun Gong practitioner." At the same time, they arranged for a journalist from Hainan Daily, Qiu Dajun, to write an article "Details of the Murder" to cover up the loopholes in the news reports on December 12. In his article, Qiu Dajun changed "The police (after the murder) found Falun Gong books in Qiu's home" to "at about 10 p.m., the night before the murder, Qiu Defeng went to the police station in the Old Town and confessed he practiced Falun Gong since 1994. And he turned in all his Falun Gong books to the police station." Since none of Qiu's family or neighbors knew that he was a practitioner, the journalist said, "Qiu confessed after his arrest that he was attracted to Falun Gong at the end of 1994 at college. He kept on practicing and never dropped it. No one knew that he was a practitioner because he only practiced by himself and never got involved with others." On December 14 the newspaper ran the article, but people found more loopholes in the report and came to know that it was another fabricated Falun Gong case. The following are some of the discrepancies in the news report that people are talking about.

  1. If Qiu Defeng was "practicing by himself," and no one knew, not even his family," why did he keep it a secret when the government didn't oppose it in 1994. Then when Falun Gong was being severely persecuted he "turned in Falun Gong books at 10 p.m. to the police station and revealed that he is a practitioner?"
  2. Since his wife "burnt the Falun Gong books at home," how come Qiu was able to "turn in Falun Gong books to the police station in Old Town at 10 p.m.?" What's more odd is that "after the murder, the police found Falun Gong books at Qiu's home." It is well known, ever since Jiang Zemin and his associates started persecuting Falun Gong, arresting practitioners like crazy, searching their homes, and destroying the books, it is very hard to get Falun Gong books. How is it that Qiu seems to have inexhaustible supply of books at home? Obviously the people making up the stories wanted to use the books to frame Falun Gong, but they failed to make a coherent story.
  3. If Qiu beat his wife severely upon seeing her burning the books, why did he turn in the books himself to the police station?
  4. If Qiu was truly like the person in the media reports that he was desperate to go to heaven, why is he so afraid of death? He reportedly thought that going to heaven meant to die and was enlightened to the idea that "he has to burn himself in order to go to heaven." Why was he afraid that the sugar cane might be poisonous, the air might be poisonous, and that some one might poison him if he believed death meant going to heaven.
  5. According to the report, Qiu suspected that his second uncle intended to murder him. He was afraid of death, so he killed his second uncle. It shows that he hated his uncle. If so, why did he have the thought of taking his uncle with him to heaven?

All the policemen in the police department know that it is a fabricated Falun Gong case and they have been revealing the truth to their friends and relatives. Many policemen in the city police bureau shook their heads after reading the newspaper: "the more you read the newspaper, the more holes you can find. It is really a shame to our police to see such fabricated cases reported in the newspaper. Jiang Zemin's lackeys were worn out from making up lies." People on the streets in Hainan Province said, "Only the date in Hainan Daily is real. The rest is not worth reading."

Using fabricated stories to frame Falun Gong cannot deceive people any more. Jiang Zemin and his associates cannot continue their play.