In March of 2001, police in the Shashi District of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, arrested Ms. Yang Xianfeng from her home, confiscated all of her Dafa books and a few thousand Yuan of her cash. (Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly income of an urban worker is about 500 Yuan). Without any due process of law, the police detained Ms. Yang and another practitioner, Ms. Zhu Juying, Deputy Director of the Neighborhood Committee, at the Yingguan Villa of Zhongshan Park for 9 days.

During those 9 days, the police didn't allow Ms. Yang and Ms. Zhu to sleep by shining strong lights in their eyes. The police used barbaric means to influence these two ladies. They forced them to stand still or suffer outside in the freezing cold for long periods of time. They also brutalized them by forcing them to sit on a high stool and punching them. The police were trying to force them to confess that they had distributed Dafa truth-clarification flyers. The policemen were inhumanly torturing Ms. Yang in particular. She steadfastly refused to cooperate with their requests. Four policemen led by Mr. Liu Juhua repeatedly beat Ms. Yang. Her left arm was broken. Ms. Yang is barely able to move her left arm without severe pain. The police also doused her eyes with red-pepper water. They even stuffed a lit cigarette up her nose, causing Ms. Yang to pass out. They tied her in a spread-eagle position to a wooden board as if she were on a cross. They did not care about her pain and suffering. They kept insulting her with offensive acts and words as if to satisfy their sick mentality. In spite of the police torture and their disgusting acts of persecution, they still could not shake the practitioners' firm belief. The policemen's evil attempts were for naught, leaving only the record of their sins, and the door open for heavenly retribution.

After nine days of detention, the police transferred the 4 practitioners to a detention center and sent their files to the court for sentencing. During their several months of detention, Ms. Yang and other practitioners steadfastly sent their righteous thoughts and insisted on studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. In November, they went on a hunger strike demanding their unconditional release and the return of their personal freedom. The police took pliers and brutally yanked out three of her lower teeth. Blood stained her clothes red. They did this in order to force feed her through a tube that they inserted into her esophagus.

We warn all corrupt policemen to drop their bloody instruments, and stop before they gallop madly in their wrong doing, over the edge of the cliff. Without changing their course, heavenly retribution is sure to follow.

Name list of the policemen involved in the persecution:

Mr. Liu Juhua, Deputy Head of Section One

Mr. Yang Yong, Chauffeur (One who was commanded to beat practitioners)

Mr. Xu, Policeman

Mr. Guo, Policeman