December 29, 2001

( It has been verified that the Falun Gong practitioner who died at Lanzhou City's Dashaping Labor Camp hospital on December 20, after a 12-day hunger strike, is Wan Guifu. Mr. Wan was 57 years old and lived in the No.11 Building of the No. 4 Section Residential Area of Yangjiaqiao Rolling Stock Plant in Qilihe District.

Wan Guifu was arrested in April 2001, together with practitioner Liu Lanxiang. Ms. Liu had already been tortured to death as a result of distributing truth-clarifying materials. Wan Guifu was detained at the notorious Xiguoyuan Detention Center. Although we don't know what happened inside, we are convinced that the police never stopped torturing him after they found a lot of Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials at his home. They tried every means to find out information about other practitioners and the source of the materials from him. Wan Guifu refused to tell, thus he protected the practitioners on the outside and the source of the materials.

Mr. Wan was a very steady person. He never went to Beijing for the Fa-rectification, but he did better than those of us who have gone to Beijing several times. On New Year's Day of 2001, I asked him to go to Beijing with me for the Fa-rectification. He said he'd like to stay for local Fa rectification work; going to Beijing is not necessarily the only way to rectify the Fa. I noticed he was very peaceful when he said these words, not like those people who just tried to find excuses for their fear. He had really achieved that realm, and he followed his words.

For a long period of time we couldn't get Dafa materials because the materials site was sabotaged. Seeing the need, Wan took advantage of his unexposed and retirement status to write on banners with brushes, make patterns for banners and buy chalk to provide for us. Under his example, we never stopped our truth-clarification work. We wrote with chalk wherever we went. Mr. Wan delivered the Dafa messages to every street and dormitory of the most parts in Qilihe District and to every village in Pengjiaping Township.

I have been his partner in Fa-rectification work. There were a lot of public telephone booths on Gongjiawan and Yangjiaqiao roads. After the Chinese New Year, we rode bicycles and posted self-sticking flyers on every telephone along those main roads. A few days later, all the telephones on Gongjiawan and Yangjiaqiao roads were removed. The evil is so afraid of the truth that they'd rather take away the telephones than let people see the truth. Nevertheless, how could this prevent us from letting people know the truth? There are still walls, wire poles and blackboards. We even posted a flyer on the door of the police station.

During the time we did truth-clarification work together, what Mr. Wan said most frequently was "the mind must be righteous." His mind in fact was indeed very righteous. Sometimes we encountered people while posting flyers, and my heart would beat faster. But Mr. Wan always handled those situations calmly and smoothly. I asked him: "Aren't you afraid?" He always said, "With a righteous mind, there is nothing to be afraid of." I felt ashamed, although I had gone to Beijing several times for the Fa-rectification.

After he was arrested we had hoped that he could come back soon. We thought he would surely come back, but we never thought that he would be tortured to death. In addition to our grief, we have made up our minds: "Guifu, please be assured that we will steadfastly follow the path of the Fa-rectification till the day the Fa rectification in the human world has come!"