December 18, 2001



10. Enduring filthy-tribulations

In late September, they transferred me from Jinzhou City to the Shishan Grain Depot, where Team 2 of the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp worked. All the people there were criminals, and the place was also rather evil. No matter where I was, I would not do the labor work (assigned to me), even if I was forced to do so. However, if there were some things I could do, like sweeping the floor, or cleaning the windows, I would do it without being told. Why? Because everyone should keep the living environment clean, and this is the right thing to do. But, if someone forced me to work, I would not comply. Why? Because it was my freedom. If I wanted to work, I would. I had my family and my regular job. If there was work for me, then I should do it at my work place, or at home. I should not have been kept here in the first place. I just carried on the way I was, and kept doing the exercises.

There was a criminal in the camp whose name was Zhu Guanghua. He had some mental problems. The team leader asked him to watch me. When I practiced the exercises, he would lash at my body, face and head with a V-belt, and would hit and kick me viciously. It was all done under the instructions of the team leader. However, his beating and cursing did not work at all, and I just continued with the exercises. Zhu Guanghua was a bit half-witted, and no one from his family ever came to see him or give him money. He was very dirty. He had a strange disease, which caused ulcers all around his mouth, running with pus or blood. When the team leader saw that I would not give in to beatings, and the more I was beaten the more I would practice the exercises, he came up with a wicked idea. He asked Zhu Guanghua to kiss my mouth, so that I would catch the disease. He said that if I was afraid, then I should stop doing the exercises. At that time, my lower back was hurting badly from the beating I endured in a discipline class. I could not straighten my back, and my whole body felt very weak with no strength to resist. Zhu Guanghua pushed me onto the ground, and pressed his lips against mine. The team leader and others watched with wicked smirks. I was very calm in my heart. As long as Dafa is with me, I am not afraid of any tribulations. He stayed by my side all the time, day and night, even when I was asleep. Whenever I did the exercises, he would place his mouth on my mouth. However, in less than a week, a miracle happened: the ulcers on his mouth completely disappeared. The team leader was at loss, saying not only did I not get infected, but Zhu HuaGuang's mouth also got cured. After that, the team leader did not know what to do with me. I spent a whole month at Shishan.

11. Not affected by sentimentality in an unfamiliar forced labor camp

One day, I was transferred to the Panjin City Forced Labor Camp and given a gray colored uniform to wear. I told the guard that I would not wear it. He then went to see the team leader. When he came back, he never mentioned the uniform again. Later, a head criminal asked me to recite the 30 rules printed on the wall. I refused, and he then started to beat me. So I started to do the exercises. When he saw that the more he beat me, the more I practiced the exercises, he told me to stop and said he would not beat me any more. I said to him, "Beating people is a violation of human rights; I will report this to the team leader." He said that he just wanted to check if I was afraid of being beaten, and if I was, and agreed to wear the uniform, I might have my term reduced. He said that he would not beat me any more and asked me not to report him to the team leader. I said I would forgive him only under one condition that he would not beat any Dafa practitioners anymore. He gave me his promise. Just then, the division head came to look for me, telling me the director of the labor camp had come to see me. The director seemed polite when he saw me. The division head even gave me a toothbrush set. He also treated me differently: He did not beat me or confine me to the small cell when I did the exercises. He said that I had been kept in the small cell long enough in Jinzhou City, but they still could not control me. He said that he would change me with his heart. I did not take his toothbrush set as a gift.

On the first day I came to Panjin City, I met a practitioner named Zhao Liyan, who had gone astray [and become brainwashed to twist Dafa principles] by that time. The team leader asked him to talk to me every day. After two days, Zhao Liyan understood that he was wrong. He wanted to see the director of the camp to make a statement (to rectify his mistake). I told him there were three other practitioners working in the canteen who had also gone astray. As I could not see them in person, I asked him to talk with them. Two days after he went to see them, those three people also realized their mistake, and they all went to see the director. The director was furious, saying that all his work had come to nothing. He asked me what I had said to them since I came to Panjin. I told him that they just listened to whoever was reasonable. There was nothing wrong with that, was there? They were utterly discomfited and called in these practitioners' family members. They asked them to beat the practitioners, while the policemen stood watching on the side. How wicked they were!

(To be continued)