September 17, 2001

( In Heilongjiang Province's Hongxinglong Detention Center, there are still 22 practitioners illegally detained. Ten of them came from No. 853 Farm, one from Zhaishan Farm, one from Shuangyashan Farm, and 10 from Wujiu Farm. Twenty of the detained practitioners have been on a group hunger strike since August 30 to verify with their lives that Dafa is the righteous way of cultivation, as well as to protest the crimes of those power-holders that are abusing human rights. Their lives are in great danger. Kind-hearted people, please pay close attention to this matter.

The situation of the practitioners in No. 853 Farm

Nine practitioners from No. 853 Farm went to Beijing to legally appeal. The police intercepted them when they passed by Shanhaiguan City, and practitioners Cui Kai and Wang Yuer were badly beaten and lost consciousness. Practitioner Sun Hong was beaten until she was dizzy and her whole face turned black and blue. The heinous Shanhaiguan City police threatened to send the 9 practitioners to a crematorium to burn them. The practitioners experienced all types of beatings from local policemen as they were sent back; some could not stand steadily and their clothes were torn to pieces because of the torture. On the second day after the 9 practitioners left home, the local police handcuffed and took away their family members as hostages, and froze all practitioners' family bank savings. As the 9 were returned to No. 853 Farm the cruel police illegally detained practitioner Li Changying and her child for 3 days. The police forcefully took away her 1-year-old child and sent the child to other families for feeding and care. This 1-year-old child was heartlessly transferred to 4 families in just one night. Without her child, Li Changying was sent to Hongxinglong Detention Center. In another criminal act, the police are holding practitioner Liu Guanhui's husband because the family has no money to bail him out.

The situation of the practitioners in No. 597 Farm

On July 9, the policemen went to five practitioners' homes one after the other, and dragged them into the police van with deception and violence, bringing them to the police station for interrogation. The practitioners were Zhao Yan (who suffers infantile paralysis), Huang Guiyu (female), Lin Yuzhen (female), Sun Dianfen (female), and Yin Yuzhen (female) (the last three are all over 60-year-old ladies). When arresting Sun Dianfen, the police took her 2-year-old granddaughter away from her by force and left the girl with her 70-year-old grandfather, who was the only adult home. The girl screamed, "I am so scared, I am so scared!" The 5 practitioners were sent together to Hongxinglong Detention Center that night. In protest, they staged a hunger strike that lasted 5 days. On that night, another practitioner, Wang Baolu, (who went to Beijing to legally appeal and was caught and later brought back by local police) was also sent to the detention center. Wang went on a hunger strike for 13 days. While he was detained in Beijing, the vicious police cruelly beat and tortured him for 2 days, pistol whipping him on the face. He was severely beaten again many times by the wicked police along the way as they escorted him back, resulting in his body being covered with bruises. Until today these 6 practitioners are still on a group hunger strike which started on August 30.

On July 12, practitioners Kang Guochen and Zheng Shuqin were arrested and on the same day sent to Hongxinglong Detention Center for illegal detention.

On July 17, practitioner Zhou Yurong (a 21-year old girl) was arrested. At about 11:00 pm that night, the local police burst into her home and told her mother that her pension would be withheld. The police forcefully detained Zhou Yurong in No. 597 Farm Detention Center for 11 days. Detention center director Zhao Zeng handcuffed and tortured her with an extreme method of torturing called "Daguakao"[note: details not disclosed, probably hanging her from somewhere with handcuffs]. Now her hands are still numb. She was detained in No. 852 Farm for another 18 days from July 30 to August 17, during which time she was on hunger strike for 4 days. On August 17, she was transferred to Hongxinglong Detention Center. As of today, together with other practitioners, she is still on the hunger strike that began August 30.

On July 17, practitioner Zheng Cuimei (female) was arrested and forcibly shackled and handcuffed by the depraved police. She was so badly beaten that bruises and wounds covered her body. She had been on a hunger strike during the whole 14 days of the illegal detention. On August 9, she was illegally transferred to Hongxinglong Detention Center. With other practitioners, she is also still on the hunger strike that began August 30.

Practitioner Yin Ling (female) took her child out for sightseeing during her child's school break (she and her child were totally dependent on each other). In the afternoon of August 29, no more than 20 minutes after they came back home from the trip, 4 to 5 local policemen forcibly dragged Yin into a police vehicle like a kidnapping, for no reason. What a barbarous act! So the mother and the child who depended on each other for living were violently separated. Her child cried in pain and called to her in terror, "Where are you going? I am scared, I am so scared ..." Then her 7 year old child was left home without care. This happened in the time that Jiang Zemin has described as "the best period of human rights in China."

Yin Ling was sent to Hongxinglong Detention Center that night. She immediately started a hunger strike to protest such unfair treatment that violated her human rights, and demanded her unconditional release. She is still on the hunger strike to this day.

During the hours when Yin and her child were out for the tour, the local policemen disregarded the law and illegally ransacked her home and confiscated her family belongings. The police did the same thing to her parents' home. About 15 fully armed policemen, carrying guns and wearing helmets, jumped over the fence and illegally took her old parents away as hostages. Her parents were detained in 597 Farm Detention Center from July 17 to August 1. One August 2, they were transferred to 852 Farm Detention Center. Even after Yin returned home and was arrested, the local police still detained the old couple and have not released them. We hope that compassionate people everywhere will pay close attention to this matter and give them help.

It was revealed that the detention center would soon start to force-feed the practitioners who are on a hunger strike.

We warn those power-holders: do not completely lose your conscience and violate your professional ethics simply for your personal self-interest. It is against the heavenly principles for you to torture the good people who cultivate "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance," the law and principle of the universe. Wake up! Carefully choose your own future. Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be met with evil.

The list of evil people

Heilongjiang Province Hongxinglong Detention Center, Tel (operator): (86) 469-5860420

Chen Xiu, Director of Hongxinglong Detention Center, Tel: (86) 469-5860420 ext. 8601, Post code: 156900

The Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee of the Farm Bureau, Tel: (86) 469-5860888, (86) 469-5860314

The Political and Judiciary Committee of the Farm Bureau, [note: This number was called but received an automated message saying, "sorry, this number does not exist."] Tel: (86) 469-5398743

Office of the Farm Bureau, Tel: (86) 469-5398743

No. 597 Farm Police Department, Tel: (86) 469-5059219

Phone Inquiry: (86) 469-5860114

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