(Clearwisdom.net) Although we don't know each other in this life, long ago our hearts had melted into one because we are all Falun Dafa practitioners. Our sacred predestined relationship with Dafa transcends all time and distance in the human world.

Through you, the information of the evil's persecution of practitioners in China has spread throughout the world. Your rescue efforts in turn encouraged us to become more diligent.

Every time we read stories about how you give up your comfort, tirelessly expose the evil and clarify the truth, we are even more touched; Dafa practitioners "came to this world with the same wish" [a poem from Teacher's poetry collection, Hong Yin, unofficial translation], we (practitioners) in and outside of China are one body.

Every time Chinese practitioners deliver news from abroad after much difficulty to fellow practitioners who have been illegally jailed and are enduring torture, they are always moved to tears. We have not suffered in vain. Although we lost freedom, our hearts are connected with the overseas practitioners', so our hearts are free. We will definitely persist until the end. Dafa is indestructible; Dafa practitioners are indestructible.

Whether we refer to group practices on Capitol Hill, sit-in hunger strikes in front of the Chinese Embassy, speeches at witness conferences, global walks to clarify the truth, solemn Fa conferences or everyday news delivery--these are all magnificent deeds. Your righteous behavior has exposed the evil to the people around the world and powerfully frightened the evil; you also enabled more and more people from all ethnic groups, all walks of life and all corners of the earth to learn the truth and obtain salvation. Your firm belief in Dafa and altruistic and selfless state of mind and your mighty righteous thoughts that eliminate countless interferences often move us to tears.

It is unnecessary to say thank you to oneself, because we are one body. Thousands and thousands of words can be represented by this one sentence: let us strive forward together, let the radiance of truth shine upon all darkness and dissolve all unrighteous elements, and let the divine, invincible mighty power of the law of the cosmos manifest in the human world, and let us fulfill our previously made sacred vows with our determined actions.