My thought was pure and peaceful upon finishing up the tranquil exercises in the morning. Sitting there quietly with eyes closed, I could feel my train of thought come trickling forth.

All along, I have thought of myself as someone who has already let go of the attachment to life and death. I have been to Tiananmen Square three times to validate the Fa, and have been working for Dafa continually--it appeared that I was doing an adequate job in cultivation. Recently, however, an attachment to human emotion that I thought I had long since discarded came back to me, sometimes in such an intense fashion that I was overcome with it. Consequently, I felt agonized and tired. An assessment of its root cause told me that I actually had not been able to fully assimilate to the Fa, that my version of "letting go of the attachment to life and death" had been limited to my attachment to the human body only. This is because only by giving up all attachments in this world and eliminating all that is not pure, can any being truly assimilate to the Fa completely and repossess everything.

In "Also In A Few Words," Master says, "Indestructible righteous thoughts toward the cosmos' Truth form benevolent Dafa disciples' rock-solid, Vajra Bodies; they frighten all evil, and the light of Truth they emanate makes the unrighteous elements in all beings' thoughts disintegrate." If there are still many human notions and other impure things in our minds, how powerful can our righteous thoughts be? How, then, can our bodies become indestructible, rock-solid Vajra bodies?

From this, I enlightened to the reason why the brutal torture by vicious people sometimes became unbearable even though it did not hurt much. As such, we must keep up our righteous thoughts in everyday cultivation and must eliminate all attachments, because only a shred of human thought is enough to make us unable to assimilate to the Fa; thus, it is an obstacle on our path of cultivation. Now that we are fortunate to have attained the Fa, why shouldn't we just sweep off the dirt all over ourselves and assimilate to the Fa both mentally and physically?