(Clearwisdom.net) Ju Honglian is a female Falun Dafa practitioner who was arrested and sent to a brainwashing class in Fuyu County. On August 27, practitioner Ju was sent to the Hotel of Education Department, room 306 by a female cop after 8 pm. There were two female police officers in the room along with Du Jizeng, Vice Director of the police station. Du was drunk and stared at her. Du asked her to sit down beside him, then he grabbed her hand and asked, "Why are you practicing Falun Gong?" Practitioner Ju said, "I want to be a good person." Du squeezing her hand forcefully said, "You're so young, what's the use of practicing that, don't practice.. [filthy words omitted]." Then he said some other dirty words and asked practitioner Ju to show him the practice. He seized practitioner Ju by the throat and demanded she show him the practice. Practitioner Ju almost fell on the ground; she had to struggle away from his hands and ran back to her room.

She had just gone back to her room when Du entered the room too. When he saw another female practitioner lying in bed, he asked, "Are you female? Or male? [filthy words omitted]" When he saw practitioner Ju, he suddenly sprang toward her and grabbed her hand again. He clasped her hand very hard and started to touch her body while staring at her. Practitioner Ju tried to get away from him. He suddenly came over to practitioner He Jingfan (female) and grabbed practitioner He's hand asking some trivial questions. Du grabbed practitioner He's hand so hard that she felt severe pain. Practitioner He used to have heart disease and myocarditis but she had recovered a lot after practicing Falun Gong. Because of the pain in her hand as well as the fear and terror, symptoms of her previous heart disease returned. Her arms and legs became very cold and her face turned from purple to white; she was suffering from shock. After the people around her called her name for a long time she regained consciousness. Because her heart beat too fast, her arms and legs were still very cold and she was very weak. Other practitioners cried when they saw what Du's attacks had done to her. They requested that the police station release practitioner He and give her treatment. One of the elderly practitioners tried to take care of practitioner He and was pulling her along but they were brought back when they got to the second floor. They were not released until the end of the brainwashing class.

The Vice Director of the police station in Fuyu County used the illegal brainwashing class to take liberties with female practitioners; this cannot be tolerated. We hope that people with compassion will help us stop the evil persecution.