(Clearwisdom.net) Auckland practitioners started their Hunger Strike Campaign at noon on August 24th. The first round of the hunger strike lasted four days until Tuesday, August 28th. The second round lasted 48 hours and finished at noon on August 30th. It is worth mentioning that during this period of time, a western practitioner who had participated in the four-day hunger strike continued with his daily work at the same time, using his own way to express his support for practitioners in China.

On September 1st, in the rain, Falun Gong practitioners from Auckland, New Zealand held a brief press conference at AOTea Square, announcing the message that Dafa practitioners in China are being persecuted. Thus the hunger strike campaign in Auckland, appealing for support for China Dafa practitioners has successfully concluded.

On September 10th, four New Zealand practitioners commenced a 660 km walk from Auckland to Wellington. The walk will take approximately 20 days.

During and after the press conference, practitioners distributed the materials clarifying the truth to the passersby. Many people were willing to accept the information and signed their names to a petition. Some people even offered to take and copy the information to give to their local people, letting them know about the truth as well.

One language teacher talked to a practitioner for a long time. She used to send the Dafa material she received to her students (who mainly came from China) and told them not to unquestioningly trust the government's propaganda, but use their own brain to analyze and decide. She said this was the best way she could help us. Yes, nowadays many kind-hearted people from both at home and abroad are all clarifying the truth using all means. The truth of the universe is spreading with incomparable speed. It is not far from the day when the truth will be unveiled to the world.