The Government and Citizens of Edison, NJ Strongly Call on the City of Shijiazhuang to Stop the Large Scale Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners

Speeches from Edison Residents at the Edison Council Meeting on July 25

(1) Speech of Bob Spiegel

I studied with them briefly a couple of months. And one of the things I got to notice, folks, and got to talk about some, was the harsh treatment that the practitioners are experiencing, and I think this is long over due.

Falun gong is a very, very peaceful art, a very good exercise; I recommend it to anybody who wants to increase energy, feel more relaxed, release their stress. I think we should go further. I know the resolution is what we are looking at today, but the harsh treatment these peaceful folks are experiencing, that brutal treatment by the Chinese Government-- the attacks are never ending. I support this resolution, but I would actually like to see it go further. I would like the administration to send a letter as well along with this resolution. I would like other communities to also pass resolutions, because what we need to do is to show unified support, not just for this peaceful art, but it comes down to the fact that human rights, these people's human rights, are being violated. They are being brutally attacked, being killed, being experimented on, and it's a violation of their basic human rights. So I support this resolution, and I hope that you will.

(2) Speech of Jim Kukor, official of Edison Education Board

I support the motion because left undone, it only gets worse. I remember reading, I can't put my finger on where, but it had to do with World War II and it went something like this: First they came for the gypsies. I didn't say anything because I wasn't a gypsy; then they came for the trade unions, but I wasn't a union man, so I didn't care; then they came for the Jews, but since I wasn't Jewish, I didn't care. Then they came for me.

As far as the resolution goes, it's a symbolic gesture. But it's good to take a first step. And I think what's going to happen here also is the Chinese government was awarded the Olympics for 2008, and that should draw the attention of the world to what's happening there. Colin Powell is over there, and I'm sure he is going to address human rights issues.

Fig Mr. Jim Kukor speaks for supporting resolution 461