(Clearwisdom.net) I went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa twice in 1999 and was illegally detained three times by the local government, for a total of 105 days, because I persisted in cultivating Falun Dafa. Later, I was sent to Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. Here, I will tell people all over the world about the viciousness of Masanjia.

I was illegally detained in Sub-Team 2 of Team 1 of the second female institute, the most vicious sub-team that persecutes Falun Gong. The evil guards often shock practitioners with electric batons. Guard Qiu Ping shocked practitioners Zou Guirong (female) and Su Juzhen (female) until they were almost dead and their skin became scorched. Seeing that they could not cause the practitioners to waver in their firm belief in Dafa, the guards handed them over to the traitors who had been brainwashed and gone to evil enlightenment. These people have become evil and are extremely vicious. They forced Zou Guirong and Su Juzhen to stand closely facing the wall from morning until night. They deprived the practitioners of sleep for several days at a time, allowing them only one meal per day. If one method of torture did not work, they would devise other torture methods. They forced the practitioners to stay motionless in each torture position for several days in a row. The torture positions included standing, squatting, "airplane style" (where people are forced to bend over and raise their arms behind their backs), "riding the motorcycle," and standing upside down. Once they even hung Zou Guirong upside down. Along with these tortures, the traitors also beat her. Seeing that these torture methods did not work, they thought up even more malicious torture methods. One was to tie her head and feet together and have someone sit on her back while beating her up. To prevent other practitioners from hearing their victims' screams, the ruffians often took them to the storehouse or bathroom, or gagged them. Once, guard Qiu Ping and others took Su Juzhen to the Division of Mental Illnesses in a hospital in Shenyang City. They prescribed some medicine for treating mental illnesses and had someone force Su Juzhen to take it everyday.

Zou Guirong was beaten until her body was covered with cuts and bruises and her clothes were soaked with blood. Her body looked terrible. She could not eat or sleep due to the painful swelling. Even so, as soon as her wounds began to heal, the cruel ruffians resumed their brutal beatings and tortures. Practitioner Wang Li (female) was also shocked with electric batons and injected with sedatives. Currently, the whereabouts of Zou Guirong, Su Juzhen and Wang Li are unknown.

Practitioner Jing Ping (female) was beaten and shocked with electric batons by the evil guards (the heads of sub-team 1, 2 and 3 and the guards on duty). Lin Ping and Chen Jianxin were also tortured with electric batons by Qiu Ping.

The head of Team 1, Wang Naimin, shocked practitioner Wang Hui with an electric baton until she nearly died. The guards and the traitors who betrayed Falun Dafa often carried out their evil torture methods on Dafa practitioners in the bathroom, storehouse and office. The traitors even helped the policemen to devise torture methods for tormenting Dafa practitioners. We can see that the guards at Masanjia try to influence others into becoming as vicious and unscrupulous as they are.

Masanjia Labor Camp told the media that there were no male prisoners. This is a blatant lie meant to deceive the world. The building I lived in, Team 1 of Female Institute 2, used to house Male Team 6 until they moved to a one-story house that was in the same courtyard as ours. We could see the male prisoners walking by our building every day to go to work and we went to the same place to dispose of our garbage. In addition, the news that 18 female Dafa practitioners were put into male jail was absolutely true. Because I had been forced to abandon my home and wander about to avoid being unlawfully arrested, I had the chance to go to the hometown of one of the 18 female practitioners and thus verified the fact.

When the media from other countries visited Masanjia, what they saw was completely staged. The true Dafa practitioners had been taken away beforehand and only traitors were left to put up an appearance.

Before the visitors came, Masanjia closely monitored the practitioners who refused to cooperate with them or transferred them to other places. They handcuffed them and took them away, where they were closely watched over. When the visitors came, what they witnessed was fabricated "happy laughter and cheerful voices." Nobody dared to tell the truth.

On December 17, 2000, when the vicious people in the camp were slandering Dafa, Zou Guirong stood up suddenly and said loudly, "What you said is not right!" She was immediately beaten by the ruffians around her and taken away by male guards. Later, when the reporter of CCTV Focus Program wanted to interview Zou Guirong, she told them that she suffered from bodily punishment and tortures, but the ruffians did not allow her speak. In the end, the interview could not continue and concluded with nothing definite.

This is the viciousness of Masanjia that the media controlled by Jiang Zemin has been propagating to be good. I hope all practitioners who have been persecuted at Masanjia will disclose the viciousness of this labor camp by sharing your own experiences and anything that you may have seen or heard.