Dear overseas practitioners on hunger strike,

You have been working very hard!

We, Dafa practitioners from Sichuan Province, resolutely support your magnificent feat, and give you our highest regards!

In response to the inhuman persecution, overseas practitioners launched this rescue effort with great strength and impetus. This displays great compassion and the offering of salvation to all beings. Your courage has shaken countless universes and high-level beings, and awakened righteousness and awakened the conscience of this human world. We firmly believe that this noble effort of yours will greatly encourage concern, a sense of justice, and sympathy from kindhearted people. It will most certainly be kept as a record in this majestic cosmos, and become an eternal witness to Dafa's unparalleled and mighty virtue. Let us make concerted efforts, make the best use of this limited time and closely follow Teacher's Fa rectification process. Let us clarify the truth to people and completely eradicate all of the old, evil forces.

We wish great success for your righteous effort!