(Clearwisdom.net) My husband is a Dafa practitioner from Japan. In 1993, when we were getting married, he told me that in one of his reincarnations he was a Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty, who met me in Japan and we cultivated together during that whole lifetime as teacher and student and as friends. In 1997, he took me back to Japan. While we were walking along a path among some temples, he asked me whether I still remembered that we had been walking on this same path discussing Buddha Fa several lifetimes ago. I, however, have no memory of this. He started his cultivation in Dafa one year after I attained the Fa. Here I'd like to share some of his understandings and cultivation experiences.

"They would not live on the earth today, if Teacher Li had not endured everything for the people in the world."

Even before he practiced cultivation, he was a man with noble morality and special temperament in the eyes of friends and relatives. During a certain period in my first half year's practice of Dafa, he looked and behaved unusually peaceful in his daily life. Then one day, he suddenly told me with some emotion, "Everything should have been over in history. I know now, it is your teacher who put off everything. What a great mighty virtue and compassion this is!" He, who did not practice Dafa at that time, was astonished and moved. Later, he said that in his opinion everything could be over at any minute or second. No one can predict the future except Teacher Li. All the prophecies and mythologies in history have been changed. He believes that the place where human beings live has entered a lost time. No one on the earth, no matter in what cultivation way, knows when everything will be over. The time left for us is not for any attachments but for creating history. He felt pity for those Dafa practitioners who are still attached to time and consummation. Half a year later, he started Dafa cultivation. We often encourage each other -- it is Master's highest mighty virtue that has changed everything.

Eliminating Demons

Even before he started cultivating, he often told me his experiences of eliminating demons. He believes that in a certain dimension in the universe, eliminating demons was his duty, since he did it naturally and instinctively. After having sent forth righteous thoughts the third time, he sensed that there are still a lot of demons in Three Realms. It seemed that all the demons have hidden, so he did not know their whereabouts. He finally realized what had happened after Master's new article "The Effect of Righteous Thoughts" was posted on the Internet, which told us, "So these countless foreign systems formed tens of millions of dimensional segments within the Three Realms, which became different domains of power, thereby hiding many evil beings. Some beings and objects have even been segmented into many layers, almost with particles of each layer segmented into a separate layer."

One night, I had a dream in which my 10-year-old niece cried loudly to me over the telephone. I comforted her in the dream and asked her what had happened. She told me while she was weeping, "Ask uncle to let go of us. We are very pitiful. Please beg him not to kill us. I beg you to tell him." What she said was very clear word for word. While I was still in the dream, I immediately realized that it was her image taken on by a demon who was pleading with us. How could I accept it? I refused her right away and woke up. I told my husband the dream, while at the same time looking within myself to see why I was the one selected as a persuasive talker. He laughed and said, "They are at a dead end and can find no way out. They are throwing themselves into the net."

When sending forth righteous thoughts later on, he again saw swarms of demons show up. The difference was that many shining golden giant Buddhas came to help. They were standing behind him, holding the right palm vertically in front of the chest and sending forth righteous thoughts together. Their expressions were dignified and solemn with incomparable power. The swarms of demons soon turned into lumps of disgusting black sticky stuff. After completing sending forth righteous thoughts, he respectfully thanked these giant Buddhas who had helped him eliminate demons. We always remind each other seriously to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. We must not slack off!