When I found out that we were clarifying the truth on Capitol Hill I was eager to talk to Chinese tourists. I knew that it would not be an easy task, so I made sure to clear my mind and open my heart to them. On the first Saturday, I spoke to some Chinese who refused the flyer when I offered it to them. I explained to them, as I offered them the booklet, that I was speaking to them from my heart. This was the truth, so three Chinese people took the flyer. I also shared information with many westerners and had a fairly good day talking to the Chinese. But later that day my heart was not as good. In the afternoon, I returned to the people waiting in line, where I had originally distributed a lot of information. I looked for Chinese people only. A tour guide told me I could not distribute anything. I went back to join the group but I realized the reason the tour guide spoke to me was because my heart was not pure and clean. She said nothing to me earlier but now I had gone downhill. I slowly realized that part of the problem was my emphasis on helping Chinese people instead of thinking of all human beings.

On Sunday, I was worse. When I arrived, another practitioner told me he was going home because there was no line and therefore no opportunity to set up the TV. Another practitioner had a flat tire and needed to tend to this problem. I knew it was wrong to leave. I asked for some materials in Chinese because I planned to stay but I hesitated because I was afraid to stay by myself. One practitioner said he would stay with me to do exercises so I was relieved. As we sat there sending forth righteous thoughts, many Chinese passed by. I thought I was eliminating the evil to free those Chinese so that they would have the opportunity to know the truth. But my thoughts were not so righteous. I was really doing the exercises because I was afraid to talk to them. Later on that day, some Chinese tourists said some bad things and I really didn't know how to respond to them. I felt terrible.

On the following Saturday, when I arrived, I felt uneasy. A practitioner told me to give information only if people were interested because we wanted to maintain a peaceful environment. I was o.k. with that as I felt uncomfortable. But something wasn't right as it seemed the practitioners were a little intimidated. A Christian man asked me where we go when we die and described several sections of the Bible to explain his beliefs. He thought that by doing the exercises we were performing some kind of ritual. He also told me that the Bible teaches the exact opposite of what we learn. I disagreed with him but I really could not find the words to explain to him the greatness of Dafa. His wife nodded her head in agreement with her husband as I stood there with few words.

Suddenly, I realized something -- all the evil had gathered here. I mentioned doing righteous thoughts to some practitioners but they were not interested. Finally, one practitioner sat down and I joined him to eliminate the evil. I realized that all the evil gathered here so we could conveniently eliminate it. After 10 minutes, the other practitioner started to meditate but I continued to eliminate the evil for close to 25 minutes. I imagined myself as being as big as the heavens looking down on the Capitol eliminating the evil and releasing people from its control. I then realized that I am a Dafa disciple and my words carry great power. I just need to speak the truth from my heart. The moment I opened my eyes, an American was standing before me with much interest and many questions about Dafa. After that, the day became much easier and people were more receptive. On my way home that night, I heard the Pudu music in my ears. I think that was my reward for doing well.

However, I still need to improve and get over my fears. I realized that just being there on the Capitol is not doing Fa rectification work. We must have an open heart and be able to take rejection and have tolerance as we listen to many things we don't wish to hear. Actually, if Dafa work is not done well at the Capitol, we can give people a bad impression and do damage to Dafa. I recall that Master Li once said that ONLY Dafa disciples can do damage to Dafa. But us being there can also save people. It is a truly remarkable opportunity that I am grateful for.

I later learned that some practitioners argued with the Chinese tourists, disrupting the harmonious environment. My heart sank. I realized that sometimes we have to eliminate not only evil controlling people but also demons interfering with Dafa practitioners. We should not be judgmental of the practitioners who caused the disturbance. Of course, we need to prevent this from happening again, but we all have our faults. I know I have not always conducted myself well doing Dafa work. Fa rectification work on Capitol Hill is particularly difficult and it is a huge test for Dafa disciples. The evil preys on our every attachment. I think this is why all of us have encountered some difficulties and sometimes have had difficulties conducting ourselves as true Dafa disciples. The tribulation is now enormous! The end of Fa rectification must be near.