(Clearwisdom.net) According to a July 25, 2001 report from China's Central News Agency, the area around Chongqing City (Sichuan Province) continues to suffer from a serious drought, the likes of which has rarely been seen before. It began late last year and has continued unabated through the spring and summer.

Two million people and an equal number of cattle currently face a severe water shortage. Agricultural production is dramatically curtailed with direct losses currently estimated to exceed 1 billion Yuan RMB (over US$125 million). The rainfall around Chongqing City is 40% to 70% below normal levels. In some areas, the rainfall is only one tenth of that of a normal year. In addition to reduced rainfall levels, the temperature in the area is higher than normal. In the month of July, there have been 20 days in a row above 35 C (97 F).

The drought has severely reduced agricultural production and made people and cattle face water shortages. Approximately 730,000 acres of farmland are suffering from drought. In some areas, 95% of crops have died from the drought. Six towns in the Chongqing City area face water shortages. In some towns, pools and reservoirs have completely dried up, causing a shortage in drinking water supply.