I am deaf. Before I obtained the Fa, I laid in bed for a year with arthritis. I could not work, I could not hear, and I could hardly speak. Three months after obtaining Dafa I was able to go back to work. My hearing had recovered a little and I could detect larger vehicles and cars on the road. Also, I could speak almost as fluently as a normal person.

After July 22, 1999, faced with overwhelming defamation propaganda from the TV and newspapers, I held firm to my belief that our Teacher and Dafa are innocent. Although I was not arrested, I was black listed and often followed or monitored by plain-clothes police officers. Since March of this year, I have entered the great current of Fa-rectification. My husband does not cultivate, but for the sake of my safety, he has been keeping me company in my Fa-rectification work. I have no source to obtain literature that reveals the truth, so all the fliers and notices we posted were hand and carbon copies we made ourselves. My husband is an artist and writes the notices in beautiful calligraphy, which we post together at night.

One time, we were posting these fliers and notices in the Provincial Government officers' residential building. Because of the surveillance equipment installed there, we were caught. With a righteous mind my husband walked up to them and started speaking in sign language with the officers who caught us. I then followed my husband and also used sign language. Seeing that we were both deaf, the officers released us.

I was fully aware of the danger, but was not afraid. What's life and death to a cultivator? From then on I have never stopped going out to do Fa-rectification work. People in my family do not understand Dafa, so they have tried hard to interfere. Yet they have never been able to stop me on my chosen path. I've always felt that I have done too little. I am willing to exchange my life for the safety of other Dafa practitioners, and for the awakening of all kind-hearted people.