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  • A Research Fellow at the China Academy of Science Was Sent To a Brainwashing Class Again

  • Students Were Beaten for Refusing to Buy Books that Slander Falun Dafa

  • Righteous Thoughts Drove Bad People Away

  • Under Orders from Police, an Electronics Company Developed Software to Block Falun Dafa Information

  • News From Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

  • Means of Torture Used at Changlinzi Labor Camp, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

  • The Brutality at Daqing Police Station, Moudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province

  • A Ferocious Policewoman at Tiananmen Police Station

  • Crimes of a Commanding Officer and Her Accomplice

A Research Fellow at the China Academy of Science Was Once Again Sent To a Brainwashing Class

Li Baoqing is a research fellow at the Geology Institute of the China Academy of Science. He posted an article on the Internet telling how Chinese government offices and departments have persecuted their employees who practice Falun Gong by sending them to brainwashing classes and denying them their personal freedom. In one of these classes, Li Peijing, Vice Party Secretary in charge of the Beijing branch of the China Academy of Science, swore at Li Baoqing and called him "an anti-revolutionary" (an insult, or "crime," typical to this political party, which in China's history has been sometimes punishable by execution). Now Li Baoqing has been sent to another "class" to be brainwashed again, which began on June 21 in Changping County.

The office number of Li Peijing, Vice Party Secretary in charge of the Beijing branch of the China Academy of Science is 86-10-68597522.

Students Were Beaten for Refusing to Buy Books That Slander Falun Dafa

A school in Anguo City, Hebei Province, tried to force students to buy books that slandered Falun Dafa. When they refused to buy, the teacher beat them.

One student there answered a question on an exam with "Falun Dafa is good" and was dismissed by the school authorities.

Righteous Thoughts Drove Bad People Away

In the evening of June 11, when two practitioners in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, were posting Dafa flyers, they suddenly saw a person coming after them on a bicycle. They kept walking calmly while at the same time sending forth righteous thoughts: "Eradicate all the evil in the Three Realms that damages Dafa, encompassing all of it and leaving out none." They also silently recited Teacher Li's verse: "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated." In a while, that person caught up with them. He pointed to practitioner A and said accusingly, "You posted that!" Practitioner A asked him, "What did I post?" Meanwhile, practitioner B kept on sending out righteous thoughts. It seemed that the man was unable to tell what they posted. B came over and said, "Easy, buddy. You might have made a mistake." At the same time, practitioner A also sent forth righteous thoughts: "The Fa rectifies Heaven and Earth, immediate retribution in this lifetime." That person did not say anything else. He turned around and went away. The practitioners returned safely.

Under Orders from Police, an Electronics Company Developed Software to Block Falun Dafa Information

Kedi Electronics Company cooperated with the Police Department of Shijiazhuang City and developed a software program called "Golden Shield." They declared that the software, once installed, could block anything related to Falun Gong on computer terminals. We hereby warn Shijiazhuang Police Department and Kedi Company that those activities aiming at damaging Falun Dafa will have damaging effects on themselves. We would also like to give a serious warning to the employees at Kedi Company involved in this: Stop helping the evildoers, for all those who join in persecuting Falun Dafa will surely suffer severe punishment in the near future.

The phone number of Kedi Company is 86-0311-5813198.

News From Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

At 2:30 p.m. on May 17, 2000, some people in the security department of the Agricultural Science Institute dragged practitioner Liu Limei, employee of the institute, into a car. She is currently being detained at the Second Detention Center of Harbin City. Hers has been set up as a special case for investigation. Liu resigned a year ago. She went to Beijing to make appeals for Falun Gong.

Practitioner Sun Fengxian, who is about 30 years old, is a medical officer on active service at Harbin 211 Hospital (a military hospital). In February of 2000, she was taken away from the hospital and sent to Heilongjiang Rehabilitation Center where she suffered a lot of torture. Since she was determined to practice Falun Dafa, Sun was sent to the Military Court of Shenyang Military Region. Her current situation is unknown.

Means of Torture Used at Changlinzi Labor Camp, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

At Changlinzi Labor Camp of Harbin City, the police have used criminal inmates to persecute practitioners who refuse to renounce Falun Dafa. Each practitioner was to be monitored by two of these inmates 24 hours a day. If they could "transform" a practitioner, their terms would be reduced. These inmates abused practitioners very often. The police also used various forms of physical punishment on those practitioners who firmly maintained their faith in Falun Dafa, such as making them stand from morning to night, and forbidding them to drink water or use the restroom. Even elderly people and those feeling unwell were forced to do heavy labor.

Each time the families of practitioners came to visit, they were forced to fill out a form with slanderous words attacking Falun Dafa and its teacher. Many family members who had righteous thoughts were very angry at this.

Practitioner Kong Xiaohai was a Section Chief in the government office of Dongli District. Since he kept up his faith in Dafa, Shi, head of the labor camp, handcuffed and hung him up for 7 days and nights. When he was finally taken down, his feet were swollen. Both of his hands were festering from the handcuffs. Still, though, he was forced to do labor.

A few days ago, practitioners in the labor camp started a hunger strike to protest the maltreatment in the camp. Kong Xiaohai was also on hunger strike and was tortured to death due to force-feeding with a gastric tube.

According to the latest document from the Heilongjiang Province Judicial Bureau, practitioners who renounced Falun Dafa against their wills and made solemn statements regretting that action will be given a penalty of one month extension of their terms in all labor camps in the province; those who never renounced their faith in Dafa will have a 10-day extension for every month they spend in the labor camps.

The Brutality at Daqing Police Station, Moudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province

Since 1999, Daqing Police Station in Moudanjiang City has persecuted many practitioners. Before the Chinese Lunar New Year of 2001, they illegally searched practitioners' homes and ordered all practitioners to trample pictures of Master Li Hongzhi. Many practitioners who refused to follow their orders were detained or sentenced to labor camps. They also fined relatives of each practitioner sent to a labor camp 1000 to 3000 Yuan (Yuan is the Chinese dollar. The average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan). As for the female practitioners, the policemen grabbed their hair, threw them against the wall, and slapped their faces. As for the male practitioners, the police beat them terribly and forced some of them to renounce Falun Gong on TV. Once, they didn't find a practitioner when searching his home, so they detained one of his family members and beat him up in order to get information about the practitioner. The current situation of this relative was unknown. It's been said that he was sent to Xingnong Detention Center. For the practitioners who have served their whole terms in labor camps, the terms were illegally extended by 1-2 months by Daqing Police Station. This police station has detained over 20 practitioners for long periods or sent them to labor camps. It has been notorious for its brutality in persecuting Falun Gong.

Address: Daqing Police Station, Moudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, Zip Code 157000

Policemen involved: An Zhongcheng and Yang Ziguo, both are commanding chiefs of the police station; Zhang Di, Wang Jianguo, and Shun Bo.

People at the Subdistrict Office who are involved in the persecution: Director Tang and Director He.

A Ferocious Policewoman At Tiananmen Police Station

On November 13, 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. I was arrested and taken to Tiananmen Police Station by some plain-clothed policemen. I witnessed a vicious policewoman ferociously beating and kicking a female practitioner. When the practitioner said to her, "Police are not allowed to beat people." She and another policeman said, "We police just want to beat you today! We'll see what you can do to us!"

This is the true face of the police who are under the leadership of Jiang Zemin.

The number on her uniform is 051575.

-- Written by a Witness

Crimes of a Commanding Officer and Her Accomplice

Yang Hua, female, Chief of the First Section of Langfang Police Department, closely follows Jiang Zemin's policies by cruelly persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. She has sent more than 100 practitioners to labor camps and committed many crimes by illegally detaining practitioners, searching and confiscating their personal belongings, beating them, and penalizing them financially. She even sentenced Wang Yanlei, a 16-year-old practitioner, to 2 years in labor camp. Deputy Chief of the section, Tian Guangqing, and his follower Yan Zheng, have also committed many crimes. Recently they arrested practitioners who created and spread Falun Gong materials. Lots of practitioners, such as Wang Xingyin, Xu Zhiqiang, and Cheng Chunmei, have suffered from the torture they've imposed. We hereby solemnly warn Yang Hua and her followers: You will receive retribution for your conduct.