[Minghui Net] Authorities at Shuangkou Labor Camp have detained over 100 male Dafa practitioners since November 4, 1999. These practitioners have completely lost their freedom and are often tortured. In addition to forcing practitioners to do hard labor, the vicious policemen also torture them psychologically. They pressure Dafa practitioners to write reports and memorize articles that slander Dafa. They also do not allow practitioners to sleep, and brutally beat them for no reason. In the labor camp, beating and kicking practitioners are a policeman's daily routine. One policeman shouted in a frenzy while beating a practitioner, "If I beat you to death, I'll just need to pay 99 Yuan to cremate you. I am the person in charge here. What is the law? I am the law." Many Dafa practitioners are being held even after their detention terms expired because they refuse to renounce their beliefs in Falun Dafa. This policeman drinks heavily everyday. He even claims, "Beating Dafa practitioners is my favorite dish to go with the wine." He really enjoys beating Dafa practitioners.

There is another policeman at the labor camp named Lang Tao. He often beats Dafa practitioners with a police baton and kicks them. One night, he beat Dafa practitioners one at a time with a police baton until he was too tired to continue. For his efforts in persecuting Dafa practitioners, he was promoted to the head of the No. 5 team. After his promotion, he was even more frenzied in torturing practitioners.

Every day Dafa practitioners begin work at 6am, and most of them have to work until 3am the next day. After sleeping a little while, at 6am, they have to get up again. Oftentimes, some practitioners are forced to work continuously day and night without getting a moment's sleep. Some practitioners are only allowed to sleep a while after two months' hard work. They are trying to psychologically destroy Dafa practitioners with this kind of inhuman torture.

Even under this severe situation, Dafa practitioners keep on struggling for their right to practice the Falun Gong exercises. Many practitioners went on a hunger strike after they were not allowed to practice. They did not eat anything for a long period of time. The officials then started to force-feed the practitioners. They inserted rubber tubes into the practitioners' noses, ran the tubes down to their stomachs, and force-fed them with some purple fluid. Some practitioners vomited violently when the bloody tubes were yanked from their noses. Meanwhile, they told prisoners to beat and curse practitioners. Those scoundrels beat Dafa practitioners even more crazily. They applied all kinds of tortures. In addition to beating and kicking, they used hard rubber hammers, rubber clubs and wooden sticks to beat practitioners. Sometimes, they wouldn't stop even after they broke the sticks. They even violently hit at practitioners' vital areas with fists, elbows, sticks, and hammers.

It could not happen in any other country on the earth that the police actually instigate prisoners to beat good people, or beat people themselves. Why does this strange phenomenon occur under the dictatorship of Jiang Zemin? According to the Chinese Constitution, they (including Jiang Zemin) have violated the law, and should receive punishment. Why does nobody care about it? They are the true criminals; why are they being excused from the law? Where are there human rights in China?

Kind Dafa practitioners suffered the bitterness and hardship of this labor camp. They experienced the cruel tortures. Yet despite the tortures that have gone beyond the endurance limitation of their human bodies, Dafa practitioners have miraculously come through. We deeply understand that it is our benevolent Teacher who has endured all for us.