[Minghui Net] At around 4pm on June 28, 2001, I was reading a book in my house at Siping Town in Dalian City, Liaoning Province when a police van stopped outside. Four policemen and one security guard got out of the van and broke into my house without showing any credentials or supplying any reason for their intrusion. They gave me no explanation as they searched everywhere, and they didn't listen to me when I tried to stop them. Finally they confiscated my Falun Dafa books, a printer, and some Dafa flyers that I had printed. Upon seeing this, I jumped out the rear window and ran up the hillside. One of them took the things from my house, and the rest chased me.

During the chase, one policeman shot at me with a pistol four or five times, and people in the neighborhood all heard the shots. I didn't respond, and continued running. Near the hilltop I fell down several times, and they caught me. They beat me until my face became swollen and my nose started to bleed. Eventually I was carried down the hill because I could not walk. The nearby residents all came out to see what had happened. A female practitioner talked to those people surrounding her, all kind-hearted people, we are Falun Dafa practitioners; we came here to clarifying the truth, and you should understand this!

Later on, they kidnapped another practitioner and us and took us to the Siping Town Police Station. After that, they drove back to our house again to confiscate more Dafa books, materials, audio and video tapes, quite a few pieces of expensive equipment, and cash -- total valued at 68,000 Yuan RMB. All of these were delivered to the Pulandian Security Bureau, and both of us were also sent to this security bureau the same night.

During the whole illegal process, the police managed to trap me and dig out what they wanted from me. In the security bureau, they didn't allow us to sleep, but we refused to cooperate with them, and only told them clearly that the things we have done are the most upright and righteous things, and that they have no right to interrogate us. I recited silently the verses that our teacher has given to us. I also later recited the articles written by our Teacher to them. At about 4am the next day, the three policemen who were supposed to watch us fell asleep. I thought, I shouldn't accept any arrangement from the evil beings, so I opened the door to escape. I jumped down from the second floor, and with the help from kindhearted people, I am now back in the process of Fa-rectification.

The policeman dared to shoot at good people in broad daylight and illegally rob people's property without warrant. What is the difference between such police officers and armed criminals?

June 30, 2001