[Clearwisdom.net] The "Anti-Falun Gong Special Case Team" established jointly by the Xingtai Police Station and Qiaodong District Police Sub-Station of Xingtai City, Hebei Province is extremely evil. They have arrested large numbers of Falun Dafa practitioners, and every one of the arrested practitioners suffered inhuman tortures. In addition, the police stripped off the clothes of nearly all the female practitioners until they were completely naked, then whipped them with bamboo strips and shocked their breasts and genitals with electric batons. Many female practitioners' hands and feet were cuffed in the vehicles heading to the detention center, and then they were mass raped by the policemen. When chatting with another person, one local policeman bragged, without a trace of honor or shame, "I've raped three female Falun Gong practitioners myself."

At present, China claims to be at its very best concerning human rights, yet this group of villains, who are inferior even to beasts, treats this kind of evil conduct as something to show off in idle conversation. Inasmuch as China has for several thousand years been known as an exemplary model of great decorum, the evil done by the Xingtai police brings irreparable dishonor and disgrace! Where is justice? Where are the moral principles?