(Note: Translated from an article on Chinese Dajia Forum.)

During the two Communist Conferences, many delegates submitted letters to the Political Consultative Conference, requesting an investigation into the high volume of emigration of senior government official's family members to foreign countries that has taken place since the reform began 20 years ago. Because of the large numbers of such submitted letters and a loud cry for an investigation, a response was finally given and could be summed up as follows: Since the reform began 20 years ago, because of the needs of the state, about 290,000 children of senior government officials have been sent to Western countries as intelligence agents; some of these cases are classified as "state secrets." Thus, this burning issue was quieted down.

From the handling of this matter it becomes clear that these 290,000 children of senior government officials have been sent to all corners of the world as pioneer "proletarians to liberate mankind." They are the "seeding machine," the propaganda team, the counter-intelligence ghosts, and the Marxist seeds of hatred. They are like the poisonous flowers that drug the good-hearted people and spread poison that erodes human souls.

Lately, the consequences of this undertaking have apparently manifested worldwide. One typical example is Communist China's control of overseas Chinese community organizations, which have been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence agents. They stir up conflicts among Chinese people in the name of these Chinese organizations and create greater racial conflicts between the Chinese people and people of other ethnic groups, thereby causing an unprecedented, ideological gap among the overseas Chinese population. The overseas running dogs of Jiang Zemin have spread more vicious beings than poisonous pollen among the Chinese people worldwide, and the consequential disaster will also be unprecedented for the overseas Chinese.

Intelligent agents from Communist China who have infiltrated into overseas Chinese organizations to split the Chinese community are only a tiny part of the first team. There are the second, third and more teams, hidden in the dark, which will come out when the opportunities arrive; but they are not difficult to distinguish, because, sooner or later, they will surface to "perform." Now is the time for these agents to surface and show their loyalty to their boss. As a Chinese saying goes, "the soldiers are trained a thousand days for one moment's use." If not now, when? One Westerner asked me once, "Do you like a lion that is waking up?" I said, "In a country where there is no democracy, rule of law, or freedom, the awakened lion would be a ruthless beast that would crazily persecute people and assault the healthy body of mankind." The situation today is as such. The state economy has progressed, but Jiang Zemin and his evil forces are using the people's tax money, at home and abroad, to suppress his own people and to maintain the order of the most vicious dictatorship in mankind, disregarding unemployment and millions of people living in poverty in the remote countryside.

Jiang Zemin's regime has spent a large sum of money for overseas intelligence agents. A year ago, one intelligence network in Australia alone, which was a government-financed trade company run by a new immigrant, received one million US dollars. Communist China has budgeted lots of money for its overseas intelligence operations. Some Chinese newspapers carry articles provided by the Chinese Consulates, while secretly charging fees for them. A one-page article costs about $1,000 and a front-page article will cost $2,000. One newspaper in Australia alone has already carried over a hundred articles, which were provided by the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. Communist China stirs up racial conflicts overseas and undermines overseas racial unity at the expense of using ordinary people's tax money, which is indeed unconscionable to the extreme. There is no other regime more vicious and ruthless than Communist China, which has adopted all the instruments of the most brutal dictators in history, including Hitler.

Communist China uses different tactics to control various Chinese organizations, such as giving petty goodies, trade opportunities, threats of visa application denial, etc. The veteran spies have infiltrated all the Chinese organizations and trained a new generation of spies, upholding the flag of Marxist violence. This will help plant the bloody Party banners worldwide so that the poisonous, revolutionary flowers can blossom everywhere.