On June 23, a dozen practitioners from Heidelberg, Fulda, Mannheim and Stuttgart attended the Heidelberg Culture festival. This was the first time we attended a festival. We planned a lot of activities: group practice, chinese writing on bookmarks, balloons, playing the exercise instruction video, photo exhibition, tea sampling etc. Some practitioners were afraid that we would not have enough space. After we arrived at the square before the University, we found that the ambulance, which should have been parked beside us, was parked across from us. Three booths on the same row as ours each had only a small table, while other booths all had big tents. Therefore, we had the space of three booths. The sponsors told us that we had the most attractive booth. People kept coming to our booth and looked very interested. Some people stopped to ask for materials from us. We found that now people are more willing to accept Dafa materials.

When the festival ended at 10:30pm, we passed out all of our flyers in German. We believe there was a big change in another dimension. From this event, we deepened our understanding of Master's words, "So in clarifying the truth, don't wait, don't rely on others, and don't just hope for changes in external factors." As Dafa disciples, we will strive to carry out the responsibility history has bestowed upon us better and more actively.