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Upon hearing about this Hongfa activity, the Chinese Embassy was extremely frightened. They contacted the police department and local government and demanded the activity be cancelled. The police and local government officials are clear about the peacefulness that practitioners have manifested in their previous appeals and Hongfa activities, and know that practitioners are all good people. One police officer told us:" Your trouble is that you are truly good." They did not want to refuse the practitioners' applications. However, due to the pressure from the Chinese Embassy, they had to make the awkward decision of "No Approval No Opposition", and change our Hongfa location from the Chinese Embassy to the nearby square.

During the activity, practitioners did not miss the opportunity to promote Dafa to the government officials and police on the scene. They indicated again and again that they all knew Falun Gong was good and they would write up a report to their supervisor. One police officer asked to guide practitioners across the guard line to deliver the appeal letter to the Chinese Embassy. Several major Chinese and western media conducted interviews. The Taiwan Central News Agency has already reported positively on the event.