[Minghui Net] After the notice "Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts" was published on Minghui Net on May 25, 2001, all fellow practitioners realized that this is the great historical mission that Dafa has bestowed upon us. It is extremely valuable and honorable for each and every practitioner all over the world to eliminate the evil during Fa-rectification. So we tried our best to spread this notice to every Dafa practitioner.

1. The First Time I Delivered a Notice to "Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts"

On May 26, I took some food and daily use items, put the notice inside the package and went to a detention center. I was sending righteous thoughts all the way: "I must deliver this great historical mission that Dafa entrusted to us to a fellow practitioners in jail." When I was just 200 meters away from the detention center, I encountered a person riding on a motorbike who was a detention center staff member. I smiled at him and said hello. He stopped immediately and asked, "What are you doing?" I asked him, "Is XX (name not indicated) on duty right now?" He replied also with a smile, "XX will be at work tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock."

I realized that 8 o'clock tomorrow morning would be too late for sending out the righteous thoughts, and remembered the words from Teacher's new article, "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful." The righteous thoughts came into my mind, and then I said seriously "I have something very important that I have to finish today; tomorrow will be too late. Could you please be sure to send these things into the jail with all your effort." He hesitated a while and said, "All the managers are on duty today and they do not allow anyone to send anything into the jail!" I said, "Please try your best to do it!" He suddenly smiled, "These things are not necessary. I know what you really want to send them. Give it to me and I will help." My heart was suddenly touched. I quickly took out the notice and gave it to him with two hands, "Thank you, you are doing a great job, please give it to XX." He read it and then said: "I have something to do at this moment, but I will be back very soon and will deliver it as soon as I come back." I insisted, "I will be here waiting for you, please send it now." He hesitated, "I'm in a hurry." As he was saying it, he turned around his motorbike and headed to the detention center and came back ten minutes later. I asked him, "Did you hand it to her in person?" He said, "I did. Aren't you all Dafa practitioners?" I answered, "Yes." I could not say anything even though I wanted to because tears filled my eyes. I just heard him say, "If you need any help in the future, just come and ask me."

In the evening, another practitioner and I went to deliver the notice at another detention center. We found that the person we knew was not on duty. We sent out a righteous thought that we should deliver the notice into the jail. Just then the person who had helped us many times before suddenly appeared in front of us. I told him that we were looking for him, and he said that he was on the night shift. The other practitioner explained to him our purpose of coming to meet a practitioner inside the jail, so he immediately sent someone to help. But then he came back and told us, "All the managers were on duty tonight. Nobody was allowed to visit and nothing was permitted to be brought inside." The practitioner said to him, "We have something really urgent, it must be sent inside tonight!" Later, the notice was smoothly delivered to our fellow practitioner's hands.

2. The Second Time I Delivered a Notice to "Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Again"

On May 29, 2001 when the notice of "Sending Out Righteous Thoughts Again" was published, I went to the detention center again. This time I focused my efforts on my thoughts, and sent forth the purest and most determined righteous thoughts, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." I would see my fellow practitioners and hand the notice of "Sending Out Righteous Thoughts Again" to them in person!

I completed the registration at the detention center reception desk. It went very smoothly and then I met with our fellow practitioner. She was behind the jail's window with two guards staying with her, so the notice could not be given to her. I thought, "Teacher! Please let them go." Suddenly in just 20 seconds, the guard sitting beside her went away with a cup; the other one standing behind her also left. I handed the notice to her immediately. After I finished everything that I wanted to do and say, the two guards came back. As I left, I saw the person who I met last time who drove the motorbike. He was very surprised to see me. I told him my purpose. He pointed in a direction and told me, "I just work over there, and I am available everyday. Please come and let me know if you need any help." At that moment, I once again deeply felt the great power of Dafa that can change people, and our Teacher's compassion that offered salvation to all kind-hearted people. The second time, I left the detention center with tears in my eyes and many feelings in my heart that could not be expressed with words.

3. The Third Time I Delivered a Notice to "Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts for the Third Time, and Eradicate the Evil"

The publishing of the notice of "Sending Out Righteous Thoughts the Third Time" on May 30, 2001 was an even greater inspiration to all fellow practitioners. I came to the detention center the third time with the notice. It was very quiet and nobody was there. I went straightaway to the office where the person with the motorbike worked. There was only one person in the office and it was him. He asked me, "Are you going to do the group practice again?" I answered firmly, "Yes." He said, "It's OK for me to send it into the jail, but you must not tell it was me." I told him, "Please don't worry, I will not make any trouble for you even if my head is cut off." He said, "People who learn Falun Gong are all good people, so you must keep your promise." I answered, "I will!" He also said, "The practitioners detained here are all very determined and nobody gave up; you should not be a coward!" After I handed him the notice, for the third time I left the jail with my eyes filled with tears.

What he said still rang in my ears repeatedly. The rock-solid determination of our practitioners in jail, and "All the things our Dafa disciples have done with good thoughts have moved the world's people and have moved the beings at every level..." from Teacher's 2001 Fa Lecture in Canada.

I once again went to another detention center. I looked through the iron entrance; the person on duty was the one I knew. My fellow practitioner came out soon. A manager was very nice to me. When I discovered his name, I knew he was just the person who persecuted Dafa practitioners the most. A long time ago I had the will to promote the Fa to him. Now it was the right chance that Teacher arranged for me. I sent the righteous thought from my heart, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." I told him with compassion why my fellow practitioners practice Dafa with such determination. He said he knew. Both his words and behavior showed that the vicious factors behind him had already been eliminated. After I handed the notice of "Sending Out Righteous Thoughts the Third Time" to my fellow practitioner, I told this manager again when I left, "Dafa is extraordinary; you should be nice to Dafa practitioners." He nodded his head.

Through these three times of going to the detention centers, I have deeply felt and enlightened to a lot of the Fa which I could not explain. I have a deeper understanding of what Teacher said, "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful." I have enlightened to the connotation of Fa-rectification and understand more about the meaning of compassion. Eliminating the evil is rectifying the Fa and it is compassion. Teacher does not want to overlook any practitioner or any person who has a predestined-relationship. At the same time, "Every Dafa disciple has abilities. It's just that the abilities do not manifest in the surface dimension..." After sending forth righteous thoughts together with Dafa practitioners all over the world, some demons in the Three Realms have been eliminated. What I have heard and seen from the detention center when I went there the third time has fully demonstrated that those evil factors that manipulated people have been eliminated.

Falun Dafa practitioners are undertaking a great mission and helping Teacher in the human world. We eliminate the evil and clarify the truth to human beings so that Dafa can provide opportunities to all kind-hearted people, and let them know that Falun Dafa is really good and can offer salvation to all beings.