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I was 58 years old when I obtained Dafa in 1997. I still remember how excited I was when I first heard the words "Falun Dafa." At that moment, I immediately realized that I had found the righteous Law and the true Master. I went to a local group practice site that afternoon and listened to the tapes of Master Li's lectures with other practitioners. That night I dreamed that I was walking along a crowded street when a nice young man with an amiable face came towards me. He looked so familiar to me that I felt as if I had known him for a long, long time. The third day I joined in watching videotapes of Master Li's lectures. When I looked at him on the TV set, I realized with surprise that the young man I met in my dream was our Teacher! This experience further strengthened my belief in Dafa. Later on, I obtained Zhuan Falun and started reading it with great eagerness. Many magical things occurred during my reading. First, the words in the book floated up, shining with transparent light. Then multiple layers of words behind each printed word came to my eyes. And then I found that every stroke of every Chinese character in the book looked like a fluorescent tube, emitting brilliant light. Each page turned pink and many colorful rings of red, yellow, green, purple, and so forth, jumped out from the words. I also found that my fingers emitted silver light as if there were a flashlight illuminating the book. How amazing this book is! I kept it with me all the time and read it repeatedly. I gained more and more new understanding of life and the universe. Many questions about life that had been hidden in my mind for a long time were resolved immediately as I read and reread Zhuan Falun.

Before I started to learn Falun Dafa, I had multiple serious illnesses. I suffered from heart disease, hepatitis, gastric disease, lumbago, and pains in my arms and legs. I also had very serious headaches, which gave me so much pain that I was unable to eat or sleep well day and night. Each time I was attacked by the headache, I felt as if something inside my head kept jumping up and punching me. I spent a lot of money for various medical treatments but none of them could relieve my symptoms. I felt that my life was already ended. Sometimes I even thought about suicide. I gave up this dangerous idea just because of my three lovely children. I did not want to even imagine how badly off they would be if they lost their parents.

I was so lucky I got to know Falun Dafa in that July of 1997. When I was doing the exercises for the very first time, I could feel many Faluns rotating around the top of my head and my waist at a very high speed. In the following week, I experienced repeated bouts of diarrhea and vomiting and slept lethargically for seven days and nights. I understood that Master was eliminating Karma and purifying both my body and my mind for me. One week later, I recovered completely from those symptoms. I felt so relaxed that I could walk very fast as if I were being pushed forward by the wind. I also increased my weight from 40 kg (88 lbs.) to 50 kg (110 lbs.). Falun Dafa gave me a second life so that I could be completely free from the torture of my illnesses and become a totally healthy person.

Observing the changes in both my body and my mind, all my family members were attracted to Falun Dafa. They not only supported my cultivation practice, but also started to learn Falun Gong themselves. One night, my Zhu Yuanshen (one's main consciousness) left my body and guided my grandson in climbing up a row of extremely high and wide stone steps. When we arrived at the highest step, I suddenly fell, with only my little finger grabbing the curve of the stone step. My whole body was hanging in the air. Looking down from this height, I found there was a bottomless abyss below me, with layers of fog all over the place. I saw human beings that looked like a troop of ants, walking past in an endless stream. I thought that those people would have no way to save my life. I started to cry "Master, please help me!" Immediately I felt I was held by two hands and then gently placed on the highest step. When I opened my eyes, I found that there was a golden road ahead of me and soldiers from heaven, wearing helmets and armor, stood in lines on both sides of the road. They all looked at us with admiration, saying in their minds: "Oh, they are so lucky that they have a chance to visit Lord Buddha!" I led my grandson walking along the golden road until we arrived at a splendid golden palace. A great Buddha was sitting there, with glittering lights all over his body. From this experience, I realized that we should take our cultivation practice very seriously and there would be many tests and tribulations ahead of us throughout the entire course of cultivation practice. As Master Li taught in Zhuan Falun: "Cultivation practice is extremely difficult and extraordinarily serious. If you become a little careless, you will probably stumble to the bottom and become ruined at once. Therefore, one's mind must be right." (Zhuan Falun, English version, 2nd edition).

On the path of cultivation practice, I have been firmly determined in my faith in Dafa. The current persecution of Falun Gong has almost gone insane. I will follow Master's teaching "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence" ("Rationality", English version) and keep my promise of assisting our Master in his journey in this world.