[Minghui Net] Before New Year's Day of 2001, ten Dafa practitioners in one area of Hebei Province were taken away from their homes without any legal warrants and were unlawfully detained in a "Forced Transformation Class." Those who were in charge of the transformation class told the practitioners' families that they would not be released unless they wrote statements pledging to break from Falun Dafa and paid 3,000 Yuan RMB each. Otherwise, they would be detained long term at the cost of 25 Yuan per day for food and lodging. The practitioners immediately pointed out, "What you are doing is illegal and is no different from the kidnapping committed by criminal gangs. We will definitely not cooperate. You must release us right now."

At the beginning, the practitioners had no choice and passively endured everything though they were very determined in their faith. In April 2001, the local government had still refused to release anyone. Later, the practitioners were greatly inspired by Master Li's new article: "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful." They knew that each of Master's new articles is a milestone in the progress of Fa-rectification, declaring publicly the beginning of a new stage. After they exchanged their understandings, they agreed that passive endurance was not enough in the current Fa-rectification process, but it was certainly right to be firm in cultivation and not to cooperate with the evil forces. Master does not accept anything arranged by the old forces. Thus, we must not accept any form of persecution against Dafa and Dafa disciples. Master has opened our supernormal capabilities and divine power. As protectors of the cosmos, we must eliminate evil now, leaving no space for the evil in awe of Dafa disciples' righteous field. Having understood the Fa principles, right then seven disciples decided to walk out of the detainment cell with righteous thoughts. The seven disciples, with their righteous faith in Dafa and Master, walked out of the demon's cell without much effort. The guards did not even notice them. On May 1, they joined again in the mighty current of Fa-rectification. This heroic undertaking crushed Jiang Zemin and his clique's "Forced Transformation" conspiracy, powerfully punctured the evil forces' rampant arrogance, and greatly inspired the local Dafa disciples. One of the remaining three Dafa disciples was released due to "illness;" the other two are still being illegally detained.

"Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful." Thus, we call upon all fellow practitioners in prison to give up all their human notions and join together to eliminate all evils in the cosmos with mighty righteous thoughts to achieve the Fa rectifies the cosmos!

May 18, 2001