[Minghui Net] With my mother's passing away at my infancy, my father raised me, so we were very close. My father had been a cultivation practitioner. His teacher, whom I saw once when I was small, was at the age of 300 plus years. During one period of time, a man about 50 years old would come and say something to my father while he was working on the farm. Then father would leave with the man. After a certain period of time, father would come back home and practice his cultivation exercises without attracting attention from others. Meanwhile, father became less and less conversational, speaking fewer and fewer words.

About two years after I got married, my father could be found frequently by himself sobbing. Without paying much attention, I took it to mean that he had been too lonely. Then, his sobbing and sighing became more frequent. One day, father called me in and said, "You are the most blessed one in our family because you may obtain the Great Fa as taught in person by the Supreme Buddha. I am going away now and don't have the same opportunity that you have. That is why I have been feeling so sad and tearful. My master did not have your good fortune either." He also said, "Your husband is an ordinary person. When the time comes, remember to make definitely sure that he will not influence you. After obtaining the Fa from the Supreme Buddha, you must not give up, but keep practicing cultivation diligently." At that time I had no idea whatsoever as to what cultivation practice was. I did not quite understand what my father was talking about. Father then died a little bit later.

In September 1993, I went to Hangzhou City for a four-day conference. At noon of the third day I thought about leaving early. By that afternoon, I had a strong urge and could not control myself. I grabbed my baggage and rushed to the train station. I got on board a train to Guangzhou where I would change over to Zhuzhou. I happened to get on to the No. 9 section and sat across from a tall young man. This young man seemed very nice. His face was ruddy and his skin seemed more delicate than that of a baby. This gentleman started to talk to me while I was admiring his nice skin. At first he chatted casually. Then, smoothly, he turned the conversation to how to behave as a good person, why humankind should emphasize moral standards, and the moral degeneration of society. While he was talking, I had a warm feeling and sensed that he was so nice to me. He acted as kind as or even kinder than my father had been. I said this to him but he just kept on talking.

Then one elderly woman came over to us and commented to me that she was disappointed that I did not get it. From her actions I became suspicious about their possibly being a team of con artists. The young man sent her away and continued talking to me. I felt that he was extraordinarily nice to me. He took it lightly as I said this to him again. The more he talked, the warmer I felt toward him. The woman constantly came back to take a disapproving look at me which caused my suspicion of her to grow. Meanwhile, the gentleman continued preaching to me and seemed not to be bothered by her. I felt more and more his extreme kindness to me. When we arrived at Zhuzhou, I had to get off and change trains. As I was leaving, this gentleman stood up to see me off and asserted, "Sooner or later you'll enter the door of my school." I could hardly understand what he meant but felt uneasy saying goodbye to him. Back at home, I had a vivid memory of how nice this young man was to me but could not remember anything he had been talking about in those eight hours.

In 1995, someone was telling me about Falun Dafa. At my first glance of the Teacher Li Hongzhi's photo in the book, I cried out "Gee! Isn't this the young gentleman who had talked to me for eight hours on the train?! He said that some day I would enter the door of his school. After all, it's Falun Dafa!" Then I remembered my father's last words about my obtaining the Great Fa. Thus, I started my cultivation practice in Falun Dafa. Little by little, I recalled what the Teacher had told me on the train. In brief, Teacher had been telling me the contents of his book Zhuan Falun.

Since the 7.22 event, our Dafa has been slandered viciously and our practitioners persecuted cruelly by Jiang Zemin and his followers. I decisively jumped on the bandwagon of safeguarding and validating the Fa. My husband never joined my cultivation. Although he treated me well, he was scared and was forced to divorce me. I tried to introduce another lady to him but he did not want someone else. After our divorce, my ex-husband would come to my apartment door and look at me sorrowfully. He said that he did not understand why such a good person as I am would be persecuted and that he would wait until the mistreatment of Falun Gong is reversed and then re-marry me.

On my way to Beijing to validate Dafa, suddenly I remembered something Teacher said to me all those years ago when I was getting off the train. He mentioned that my karma was on my legs. He also said that in the ancient times scholars would go "hurrying on foot" to the capital for taking the official examination. Then it dawned on me why we should go to appeal in Beijing and, for me, why I should go "hurrying on foot" to Beijing for the test. So, on my way, spreading Fa and walking to the capital, I escaped their arrests time after time until I finally arrived in Beijing and validated Dafa there.