[Minghui Net] Recently, after videotaping the two group activities of "sending forth righteous thoughts and eradicating all evil beings destroying the Dafa within the Three Realms," personnel from the "Fang Guang Ming" TV group had very deep feelings and understandings about the events. They held a small experience-sharing meeting.

Practitioner A: I have been cultivating Dafa [great law and universal principle] for two years now. During those two years, I haven't considered myself a diligent practitioner since I still have a lot of attachments that haven't been eliminated. However, with Teacher's benevolence and being harmonized by Dafa, I realized the extreme luck of being able to cultivate when the supreme Buddha is rectifying the Fa. I firmly believe in whatever our teacher says. I understand the meaning of my life and I can't live without Dafa. Although I can't be counted as a qualified Dafa particle, I'm willing to follow the teacher with selflessness and altruism, even in the state of not being able to see and feel.

Our infinitely merciful teacher has endured the most difficult moment for disciples. The Fa-rectifying process approaches the ultimate moment. "Sending forth righteous thoughts" is another opportunity that our teacher has given to his disciples to establish their mighty virtue. The divine moment that I have been awaiting for tens of thousands of years has finally come. I will remedy my missteps using this opportunity.

Before these two activities, I felt that if I were not pure myself, the thoughts I sent out to eradicate the evil beings would not be righteous, pure, or effective. As such, I first used the capabilities given by Master and the Dafa to send out righteous thoughts to destroy my dirty thoughts and attachments. Whenever any idea or attachment appeared in my mind, I destroyed the impure mind with righteous thoughts. I found out that although the last rampant demons could interfere with me by taking advantage of my existing attachments, when I sent out righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad things, those things that had deviated from "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" would no longer appear in my mind. When I didn't have any other thoughts in my heart, I felt the back of my head emitting immense rays of lights while I was sending righteous thoughts to eradicate all the evil and old forces in the Three Realms. At that moment, I had no other wish in my heart except that, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, and all evil beings are completely eliminated."

Practitioner B: I want to talk about human beings and gods. A cultivator inevitably has the human side as well as the divine side. What's most difficult is to think with the divine side when encountering problems, so as to solve the fundamental problem. Using human thoughts to solve a problem, one will not be able to reach Consummation. In general, it is incomplete, limited, and with omission.

A cultivator is able to give up his own notions, self-importance (essentiality as an individual), various attachments, and the mentality of selfishness; then he can gradually realize his divine side. At the moment he steps out of his restriction, he will be able to use his divine side and see the fundamental problem from within the Fa. Consequently, the demons will have no loophole to avail themselves of. What is a demon then? They are the things and the thoughts that restrain your divine side, interfering with your thinking and your flesh body; they make you forever think with your human side. At that time, one would usually feel his way and thought are not incorrect or inappropriate. Actually, he has already been manipulated and deceived by demons. Thinking with a divine side, however, is the opposite. A god doesn't have human feelings or their criterion of good and bad. The springboard for those feelings is selfishness in the eyes of a god. A god is selfless, altruistic, and without action, thinking of others in any environment. A god, with his boundless benevolence and great forbearance, deals with matters based on the integrity of the cosmos. What an important and solemn event it is to send forth righteous thoughts and eradicate the evil demons! Because in this event, a cultivator is able to use his divine side to eliminate evil, so as to safeguard the countless sentient beings in the cosmos. We must use our divine side and steadfastly send out our pure thoughts to eradicate the evil beings. Any interference will not influence a god. We must be of one mind and send out righteous thoughts with a collective heart; we must resist and clean up the evil. Every practitioner is a Dafa particle and every practitioner is important.

Practitioner C: We sent out righteous thoughts in a park. When I was conjoining my hands and trying to clean up my thought karma and foreign interference, a group of kids with their teacher quarreled and shouted beside me. At that moment, I suddenly recalled the story from the book, Journey to the West. The genie, Bai Gujing, transformed herself into an old man. Though her camouflage deceived the other monks, Sun Wukong (the monkey king) was able to see it with his golden eyes. Sun Wukong fought the genie disguised as an old man. The other monks (Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing), however, were blinded by the genie's surface appearance, so they tried to hold Sun Wukong back. They misinterpreted Sun Wukong. As a god, he should know the essence of a matter and do whatever he was supposed to do.

When holding a hand vertically in front of my chest, I felt incredibly hot all over my body and I had a special feeling on my forehead, which was difficult to describe in human language. With the righteous thoughts being sent out, this feeling became stronger and stronger. Maybe I was waving a sword and eradicating a host of demons dancing in riotous revelry. Why not bomb them with thunder? I first bombed the toad. Falun was also sent out following the righteous thoughts and it was fighting for the rectification of the cosmos. Teacher mentioned that we are the future Buddhas, Taos, and Gods, and we are now elevating to our own original and highest position. I immediately felt like I was emitting rays of lights in every direction--I had melted the demons.

Demons are poison and bad. They do bad things and exploit their advantage, even during their death struggle. Some practitioners seem not to understand the real reason Teacher let disciples eradicate the evil. As a matter of fact, these demons would be exterminated at once if Teacher took only one look at them. Why did Teacher let the disciples do it then? Teacher wanted to give us an opportunity to help us to step out from our humanness.

What Teacher says is the Fa. Then since Teacher said Dafa disciples could eliminate evil by sending out righteous thoughts, why do some practitioners still doubt their capabilities to do so? Is it because they were blocked by their human notions, or because they did not believe in Fa? At this critical moment, practitioners, please think deeply.

Practitioner D: At our practice site, there is a veteran practitioner who cultivates with his celestial eye open. Recently he went everywhere to exterminate evil with his supernormal capabilities, especially those evil forces behind the Chinese Consulate. He clearly saw a variety of Fa instruments sent out by the practitioners during the Fa-Rectification activities. He also saw that some practitioners looked at what was happening around them with their human side. Their hearts were not tranquil and their minds were not stable. This has influenced their divine sides. He said that it's very hard to cultivate with one's celestial eye open; the demons will interfere with you using all means possible. However, he made progress in cultivation based on his enlightenment to Dafa, not because of what he saw with his celestial eye. As such, he often reminded us to improve our enlightenment quality with our celestial eyes locked, put the Dafa in the first place and follow the requirements as if you are a god.

I realized that teacher has always considered his disciples as gods. However, when we have poor enlightenment quality and believe what we see with our flesh eyes, we underestimate our divine power during the cultivation of Fa-rectification. We are not aware of the demons attached to the everyday people's bodies or of the demons behind the practitioners. We didn't use our divine side to completely exterminate those demons when they interfered with our "sending out righteous thoughts and eradicating the evil" activity. They actually had nothing left though they still moved on the appearance.

Lastly, I think that, when we are eradicating evil, we should follow the requirements of the Dafa and we should bravely face our existing attachments, karma, and bad things that don't meet the criterion of Dafa. We should root them out completely, including the attachment to Consummation. We should be the true protectors of the cosmos, and the safeguarding gods of the Dafa.

Practitioner E: I cultivate with my celestial eye locked. However, after exchanging experiences with other practitioners and studying the Fa, I was moved so much from Teacher's new articles. Once again Teacher pointed out that all Dafa disciples are capable. We should believe and become enlightened in advance and hold strong righteous thoughts. Then the efficacy of eradicating demons will be doubled.

A practitioner pointed out that all high-level beings in the cosmos consider true Dafa disciples as gods. If a practitioner still thinks of himself as a human being, then he is a human being. He is not able to do a god's job, and, therefore, has no ability to eliminate demons. Eradicating demons is a divine action. It is the best way Teacher has provided us with to improve ourselves in the Fa-Rectification cultivation. Thus, it's the most difficult.

Some practitioners whose celestial eyes are locked have to confront the invisible evil forces. They used their mind to fight with the demons rigidly, so it probably means some difficulty to a certain extent. Since it's hard, sublimation is quick; since it's hard, mighty virtue is displayed. This is the best arrangement by Teacher for disciples.

Practitioner F: I started to realize what our great teacher has given us. Besides the measureless fortune and virtue as well as eternal life, what he has truly given us is a "Realm". The realm of a god, the realm of selflessness and altruism, the realm in which one's life can be abandoned for the truth of the cosmos and all sentient beings. The meaning of existence for a life as an individual is for the "realm" and nothing else should be sought after. Even if my life were to end with the demons in the battle of good and evil during the Fa-rectification, and even if my life was forever in a world of complete darkness, struggling for the final dawn and devoting everything I have, I would have a most fortunate life. My heart is fully filled with immense gratitude.

The most impressive thing a practitioner ever said to me was, "The size of your faith determines how big your Fa will be." I immediately felt these words penetrate into the microcosm of my life. The feeling of certainty, happiness, excitement, and freedom surpassed all human cognition.

Later on, while exchanging experience with several other practitioners, one practitioner said, "Now the whole universe doesn't consider us as human beings. We are the only ones who think we are still human beings." We've all had the same feeling. When we still consider ourselves as human beings, we will really be restrained by the principles of human beings. As a matter of fact, Teacher has told us this principle in Zhuan Falun. In Lecture Six, Master wrote "As true practitioners, we should look at issues from a very high level instead of from the perspective of everyday people. Should you believe that you are ill, this may really cause you to become ill. This is because once you assume that you are ill, your Xinxing level will be as high as that of everyday people (English Version)." When we send out righteous thoughts to eradicate evil, it is a human thought if we don't believe in our power simply because we can't see it. We then drop to the level of human beings; our thoughts will not be as powerful.

Teacher said in the recent Canadian lecture, "What this means is that two stages follow Dafa's introduction to the public. The first stage is the establishing of Dafa disciples amidst Fa-rectification." My understanding is that, during this special historical period, we are not only elements of the cosmos' positive force, but our teacher is making us particles that take responsibility for rectifying the Fa during the Fa-Rectification period. As such particles, all meanings of our lives are to keep up with the process of teacher's Fa-rectification. With all we have, we should exterminate all factors in the cosmos that oppose teacher's Fa-Rectification and we should also eradicate all evil beings. In the Fa-rectification process, we should extinguish the parts in our bodies that don't accord with the requirement of the Fa. This is not just personal cultivation. Because we are the elements of the Fa-Rectification, the impurities in us would influence the Fa-Rectification and the whole cosmos. Extinguishing all the incorrect factors, including those in our bodies, is our great responsibility as Dafa particles in the process of Fa-Rectification.

I realized that, at present, the human notions are the biggest factors that hold us back. Those human notions are different from thought karma. They could be conceptions or conventional thoughts on integrity and righteousness formed in our long period of human life. If we use those notions to measure the events happening in the Dafa, especially in the process of Fa-rectification, we surely will see that something is not right or there is something we cannot comprehend. At that moment, it is important to see if the person dares to give up himself and put down the human side, and if he can look at everything using the thoughts of a god. I found that if I can give up myself, and if I can look at everything that's happening from the perspective of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," and if I can look at everything from the perspective of the macrocosm, then all things are clear at a glance---there's nothing I cannot comprehend.

Practitioner G: In the cultivation of Fa-Rectification, we must break from our human shells.

When we do gods' things, we actually perfect and harmonize everything for ourselves, since a god can't do human being's things. Now is a special period and we are all doing the most divine thing, the thing we want to do most. That 's our responsibility, a god's responsibility. We are responsible for all the positive elements in the cosmos. When we send out righteous thoughts we are doing our duty. We are exerting our instinctual ability given by the master, and we are doing the things we should do.

The scenes in other dimensions that the practitioners described were shocking. Blood flooded and became rivers; this dimension was being renovated. Teacher endured all of this for all sentient beings. I realize why benevolence can melt down diamonds and righteous thoughts can exterminate evils. We are gratified that all sentient beings will have a good future.

The guile of demons has been incisively and vividly manifested in this dimension. They are causing various destructions, even prior to their extermination. Thus, don't be lenient with them. That's the evil consequence they are supposed to have.

When we are eliminating all bad things in our bodies with righteous thoughts and cleaning up all evils that persecute Dafa, we felt we were elevated upwards. We felt the benevolence of our great teacher, and the good fortune of the future. We will do better, for we are teacher's disciples. We made a holy oath and we can give up everything to safeguard the universal Dafa.

Let's improve together, break out of our human shells and complete the last step.