[Minghui Net] The Kaiping (Number 1) Labor Camp in Tangshan, Hebei Province is a patch of evil land where hundreds of practitioners are being detained and tortured. They have not stopped even after two practitioners, Zhu Yourong and Zhang Zhibin, were tortured to death. Among these evil people, the most vicious include Wang Xueli, Wang Jianzhong, Wei Qun (female), Li Qiang, Zhang Jianzhong, Yan Hongli (female) and Liu Liying (female). In addition, guard supervisors routinely instruct inmates to beat up Dafa practitioners.

Many practitioners detained at the labor camp have gone through a great deal of torture for practicing the exercises or studying the Fa. Kang Shuxiang from Langfang was tied to a bed in her underwear for a whole night in the cold winter. Dafa practitioners have been frequently hung up on trees, in some cases, for over 10 hours. There are also people who have been beaten, forced to stand still for a long time, hung up or electric-shocked for reciting scriptures. These practitioners are using their lives to safeguard Dafa.

Around January 10, 2001, Dafa practitioners recited Teacher's article "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" and called out loudly "Restore the reputation of our Teacher," "Restore the reputation of Dafa," and "Unconditionally release all Dafa practitioners" everyday. On January 13, the head of the Ministry of the Judiciary and Bureau Chief for the Bureau of Re-education through Labor Camps inspected the camp and saw what was going on. On January 16, the camp deployed more than 40 male police officers and over 20 female officers to torture Dafa practitioners. They beat, hung up and electric-shocked practitioners. On that day, between 70 and 80 practitioners were hung on the trees. Wang Xueli, a male supervisor, shocked Qin Lina from Tangshan with an electric baton for practicing the exercises. Although he was one of the most vicious guards, Wang was scared when Qin passed out. However, another supervisor standing next to him said heartlessly, "If she dies, you can just say she died of a heart attack. I will be your witness." What a brutal, wicked scene!

Eventually, Qin was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment, but even now it is still difficult for her to sit down. Hao Jianling was hung from a tree, just because she had requested to talk with a supervisor. Later, a few other practitioners were interrogated and tortured for stepping forward to speak out a few words of justice for her. The guards shocked Hao Jianling with three electric batons at the same time, causing her to scream nonstop with pain. Her entire face swelled up and turned black, and the room smelled like burnt human flesh. Li Wei was beaten by over a dozen male guards so severely that she was rolling on the floor in pain. These perpetrators also used electric batons to shock her entire body, but she did not make one bit of sound. In the end, she calmly said to these guards, "What good is it when more than a dozen young fellows beat up a woman of more than 50 years old!" On that day, Fu Weiping was also among the people who were beaten. Her lips swelled up from the electric shocks.

Mid-January was the time when the Tangshan Labor Camp tortured Falun Gong practitioners most viciously. On January 16, Zhang Yuqing and others who had been on a hunger strike for more than 10 days were forced to stand on the snow-covered ground for one day and one night. Qin Lina, Hao Jianling and Li Wei were beaten viciously. Wounds covered their bodies, and the faces of some were disfigured. To cover up their criminal acts, the guards locked up these practitioners in separate cells and forbade them from contacting other practitioners.

We solemnly warn those guards who have been torturing practitioners in the Hebei Number 1 Labor Camp: Your criminal acts are being recorded, and you must stop immediately! Otherwise, no matter how far you run away, you won't be able to escape retribution. Also, to all Dafa practitioners who have read this article: please send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evils within the Three Realms, and at the same time, let those vicious people who led others to damage Dafa receive the retribution they justly deserve.