[Minghui Net] Li Shuhua, a female Dafa practitioner, was an employee of the Jiamusi Linen Factory in Heilongjiang Province. She went to Beijing to defend the Fa in July and October of 2000, and was arrested on both occasions. During her detention, she went on a hunger strike, with perseverance, and was force-fed many times. She was released later because she was near death.

After that, Wang Zhancai, the Party Secretary of the Jiamusi Linen Factory, collaborated with the Public Security Bureau, Yonghong Branch, to trick Li Shuhua into the detention center and keep her there. Li Shuhua went on a hunger strike again. The prison guard inhumanely put her in huge shackles that weighed 40 kilograms (approx. 80 lbs), and handcuffed her hands behind her back. In addition, they brutally force-fed her every day for 16 days. Finally, because she was extremely weak, Li Shuhua was released, near death.

Guo Weishan, a vicious policeman from the Yonghong Branch, tried to find ways to persecute Li many times. On one day in April 2001, Guo broke into and ransacked Li's home illegally and tried to take her away.

On the evening of May 21, 2001, Li and another practitioner were illegally detained by the Factory's security when clarifying the truth to the people in the factory district. Wang Zhancai, the Party Secretary, collaborated with the Yonghong Branch and sentenced Li Shuhua to one year in a labor camp.

Li Shuhua went on a hunger strike again at the labor camp. She had been brutally force-fed many times with her hands and feet tied to the bed. Blood came out of her mouth. Because they were not able to get the food into her mouth, they have been using an IV to keep her alive. Li is on the verge of death. We call for attention and help from all kind-hearted people!

Under the guidance of Wang Zhancai, the Party Secretary of the Linen Factory, the Factory's Security Department has been vicious in persecuting Dafa and its practitioners. In May 2001, as instructed by Wang, the Linen Factory broadcast defamatory articles against Dafa over the loudspeakers many days in a row.

Linen Factory Switchboard: 01186-454-8555241