June 15, 2001

[Minghui Net] China's Liaoning Province, an important, commercial grain production area, is now experiencing an extraordinarily serious drought for the third consecutive year. As a parallel, the Masanjia Labor Camp, one of the "models" of persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin's criminal regime, continues to brutally savage Falun Gong practitioners for the third consecutive year.

Some sections of the over 1,000 meter wide riverbed (1,000 meter = 3,300 feet) of the longest river in Liaoning Province, the Liao, have already dried up, the riverbeds having turned into fields of sand. Some sections of the Liao River have been dry since May 9 of this year. The total number of days without any water flow in the river at all was 103 days, including consecutive and sporadic dry-ups. This has never happened before in the Lao River's history.

The Masanjia Labor Camp in Shenyang City is the largest forced labor camp and the most despised place in Liaoning Province. The prison guards in this labor camp, where more than 2,000 Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned, have totally lost their humanity and have turned into demons. Since the beginning of July 1999, the camp directors Su Jing and Shao Li have brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners with all kinds of cruel and brutal methods. "What is benevolence? Benevolence is to rape you and forbid you to report it to the authorities," the prison guards told female practitioners in this camp. In order to force practitioners to abandon their beliefs, the prison guards tied up Falun Gong practitioners and shocked them with electric batons. The screams resulting from this torture could be heard at all times. With electrical batons, the guards shocked female practitioners on their chests and genital areas. The vile prison guards also stripped off all the clothes of 18 female practitioners, and forced them naked into the male prison cells.

The Liao River started sporadically drying up around January 1, 2001. The place where the complete dry out started on May 9 this year is called Mahushan. There is no hydrologic record in the Mahushan hydrometric station after May 22nd, simply because there is no water in the river to record. It is reported that from February to May this year, the average precipitation of Liaoning was only 50.1 millimeters (about 2 inches), a reduction of 50.3%, compared to the average precipitation over the past years. This year, the area had its least precipitation since 1904. At present, most of the main rivers within Liaoning Province, such as the Daning River, are drying out one after another. About two weeks ago, the Raoyan River in western Liaoning Province, has totally dried up. Its over 10 meter-wide riverbed (about 33 feet wide) is now exposed to the sunlight. The once long, mighty, billowing river cannot even be called a small canal now.

On January 17, 2000, leaders from both the central and provincial governments and reporters visited Masanjia again. The authorities in the camp tried their best to hide the truth. The practitioners who refused to be brainwashed were kept out of sight and were watched closely. During the meeting, when a brainwashed individual was telling a lie, Falun Gong practitioner Zou Guirong, who was jailed in the 2nd group, the 1st squadron of the 2nd female division, stood up to clarify the truth. Before she finished speaking, several individuals who were brainwashed immediately covered her mouth, ripped her hair, twisted her arms and neck, and then took her out of the meeting area by force. Ding Shifa, the provincial Party secretary for politics and law, defended the incident, saying "the XX Party and the government" is "helping, educating and saving" Falun Gong practitioners. In Masanjia, Zou Guirong experienced severe, merciless tortures, such as severe beatings, and shocks from electric batons. Her fingers were pierced through with toothpicks. Her body was tortured so badly that it was hard to find an intact area.

The drought now seriously affects industrial and agricultural production in Liaoning Province. Seventy-nine percent of its cultivated land suffers drought, and on nearly 1/4 of its cultivated land no crops were planted. More than 360 out of 900 reservoirs are dry; the water supplies of 8 cities and 25 counties in the province are therefore at a quite critical level.

Many Falun Dafa practitioners have been tortured to death in the Masanjia Labor Camp; their families were not notified of the killings, and their bodies were disposed of without prior permission of their family members. The prison authorities also organized a group of prisoners, called "Si Fang", [four kinds of measures to prevent practitioners from practicing and studying Falun Gong] to mercilessly torture practitioners. Besides the arduous physical labor during the day, Dafa practitioners had to endure mental torture and physical abuse, and during the night were not permitted to sleep.

The rare and severe drought in Liaoning is an appropriate retribution for the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the authorities of Liaoning Province, who followed Jiang Zemin's directions closely to set up the "model wicked place," the Masanjia Labor Camp. This is the punishment and warning from Gods to the apathetic human beings. If people do not awaken, and continuously perform wicked deeds, it is very possible that famine, disease, insect infestation, pollution, and even more wide-spreading plagues will follow this serious drought.

Presently, the only way that people can avoid the punishment from Gods is to stop doing wicked deeds, to regain the good conscience and morality of mankind and to treat Falun Gong with kindness!